Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An inner intellectual self-observation

We should not only focus on trying to learn about others. We should also take a good look at ourselves. Sometimes the most understanding we can get from a situation or person comes from examining our intellectual manner to the core. Take a minute and think about your intellectual traits today.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The calling of leadership

There are times that you know that you want to lead people who want you...but there are times that you might be called to lead people who don't even know that they need you. If you ever find yourself in that latter position just remember that you have to be brave and be the pioneer in taking people where you know they really need to be...regardless of the cost. Because yes! Leadership has a price.

Leading by example

As a leader anywhere you are...just remember that your attitude towards those who you are leading will greatly influence their manner in the organization. So whatever you wanna see happening at the grassroots level...start doing it at the organizational level.

Leadership and communication

Some people believe that leaders are born while others would argue that they are born. No matter what you believe about the theories of leadership it should be pretty clear that any great leader needs to have effective communication skills. These skills are not limited to speaking or writing but even lobbying and much more. All in all, as a leader make sure that you can communicate well to yourself first and then to others.

Keep going....and going

It is not always easy to keep pursuing our goals. On the way there, we sometimes encounters hills and valleys that threaten to stagnate us. Nevertheless, we should remember that every difficulty we encounter is preparing us for the greater satisfaction we will feel after accomplishing our goals.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Judging others

We are sometimes quick to judge. We should remember to first pause and just listen in love. Also, don't forget to be open about what you are thinking. Get to know someone's story....just don't judge and judge. I know you wouldn't like that if someone did that to you either.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Acceptance is the first step on the road to moving forward

There are times in life that we hold ourselves back by denial. That in itself can be a very long process but the end the truth surely does come out. So with whatever we are faced with we should seek to accept the truth of the matter at hand in order to come up with a pragmatic solution to whatever it is we are facing....So just accept it...accept that something did not happen and may never happen but move on in peace and make all your stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Memories of everything and somethings

Isn't it odd how sometimes we consciously know that we are making a memory or living within a memory? But are we really doing so? Not all the times, sometimes we make memories while not even knowing we were until we remember those times. The times of pain, love, joy, or uncertainty. So as you enjoy the present remember that some things will become memories and some will never.....because you won't remember a thing that was not meant to be a memory.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wisdom and the baobab tree

The baobab tree is a famous African tree that has a large trunk and wide spread out branches. It can also teach us a lesson about wisdom. Sometimes we know stuff but we don't share it. What use is wisdom that is not put into practice? We have to be aware of the enormity of wisdom which is like the big baobab tree which cannot be handled with one hand....so share and share what you got!....Yup before you get cut down or dry out...just to take it a little further.

We project what is within us

It is important to always have a critical and open mind not only when it comes to issues but even when it comes to understanding ourselves and others. There are times when we might notice inconsistencies with the ways we act and the ways other do. One thing to remember is that sometimes if somebody is not doing something for themselves...what makes you think they want that for you? So remember as the old African proverb goes, "Be careful when a naked person offers you a shirt."

Understanding others can lead to an understanding of yourself

We are sometimes told directly and indirectly to focus on ourselves in order to know how to lead people. That is true but we should not forget also to sometimes look deeper into others. When we began to deeply delve into understanding others...it is there that we can amazingly find similarities and differences with them that can help us to have a better knowledge of ourselves. And not only that, we can also find that common ground which is essential when dealing with different kinds of people in multiple settings.

When someone says nothing but something too...

Sometimes we don't need an extra word to be uttered or even said for  a start. There are times that all that we need is some quiet. Although, we enjoy the loud moments with our loved ones; we should also learn to enjoy the silent times and know nothing is wrong at all. All it takes sometimes for something to be heard is when you say nothing at all.

Keep dancing and moving

Sometimes when we are faced with new situations that threaten to stagnate us...we gotta move. Sometimes that is all it takes. We don't have to be flabbergasted forever and cease to do what we want to do. We just got to get up and dance. Try it one day...try dancing with the ups and downs of life everyday and you will be surprised how in the end all your un-coordinated and coordinated movements result in a graceful and elegant dance.

Flexibility in everything

There are things in life that are within our control and some are not. No matter how hard to try we cannot always control the tide. All we can hope for is that we have the positiveness  and will power to see stumbling blocks as stepping stones. It is something that we should hold on to if we have it naturally and should develop if we don't. Flexibility will always serve you will...just keep moving over, under, and through the walls in life.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Praying in private vs public

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of prayer? Pleading...judgement...sorrow? Regardless of your spiritual background we can maybe all agree that prayer involves seeking for a higher power's touch. But whenever you do so remember it does not always have to be in public...private prayer is powerful too. Those are just my 2 cents based on my spiritual experiences.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Something happens and we are like..........

We often face times in our lives when we think that we did the unthinkable or unfixable. The truth is we can't always be in control of our actions or those of others. So when bad things or trying times happen we sometimes just have to make up our minds and choose how to react. The power we can have in that moment is in being proactive because we will then have to choice to decide how to write a commentary on that part of our life. But if we choose to be simply reactive to the low moments in our lives we might lose the essence of the lesson and then suffer alone or with others in vain.
The choice is yours!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Decision-making door-mats

Sometimes as people belonging to certain groups we gladly give away our rights to make our decisions because we think others know best. It is possible that someone might have a great idea that could benefit you and/or  a group of people but at the end of the day....make sure you decide for yourself. Don't be a door-mat when it comes to decision-making and don't make someone that either.

Friends and enemies

     Some say the line between love and hate is thin....it is easily said than believed. Nevertheless, we have to always be mindful of our thoughts and actions when we are around our close ones regardless of whether we view them positively or negatively. So don't ever forget to watch your back....and do the favor for someone else too.

Climbing and climbing

When we are faced with hard moments we sometimes think the peak of one mountain is it. But in reality as we climb hills and mountains, we have to realize that each summit is strengthening us for the next one. It may sometimes feel worthless but remember that the beauty of seeing everything from a high peak is every minute worth of it. So keep climbing and don't climb alone...hold out a hand.

Peace and worry...worry and peace

It is not always easy to enjoy the present especially as the future unfolds everyday with all of its tasks and demands. Nevertheless, we need to learn to be strategic and futuristic at the same time. We should diligently plan for the future with a calm spirit that echoes peace in our daily lives.

What is the reality?

We are sometimes always quick to believe and judge everything we see and hear. Things are not always as they seem to be. It is important to always take a step back from the political or democratic circus and see things the way they really are. Don't allow yourself to be misled as that is the danger of a single story...make sure you understand all sides of a story before you do anything.

Justice or injustice?

It is not always easy to tell whether justice has been served or not especially when the law itself is sometimes unjust. There are many episodes in history where certain unjust things have been legalized. So don't always be content with the notion of justice unless the laws are just.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Patience is key

It is not always easy being patient with circumstances, yourself or others but it is worth it. There are times you just need to tell yourself loud and clear PAUSEEE...no matter what. There is actually a beauty in doing that as it can save you from unneeded strife. So don't forget to chill sometimes...just chill because it will be alright. Patience...patience...there it is knocking!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Be you and only you

A lot of pressure out there and within us sometimes seeks to force us to not be ourselves. The danger of this is that we can get lost in this maze of being someone else and lose our very essence. It is great to admire certain people but even when we seek to reach their similar heights, we should realize that our true happiness at the top will only survive if we didn't lose ourselves. So stay true to yourself always...be you and watch the world become refreshed by your "youness."

Happiness can start today

We don't have to wait for that big vacation or that romantic lover. Why? Like who made us believe that happiness is always further than where we are at? Don't waste your life putting your happiness price tag on a certain condition like a day, person, job, or any other thing. Just live your life with happiness everyday and learn to enjoy it with the big and small things in this life. Or you will never be happy even when the designated time to be happy comes. Any thoughts anyone?

Know thyself first...and never cease to

 There is sometimes more of an emphasis placed on us getting to learn more about others in order to succeed. But we must not forget ourselves. We need to know ourselves...not only once but everyday. People and times change including ourselves so we have to be open to learning more about ourselves everyday in order to move forward in different aspects of our life.

Jealousy and insecurity

Jealousy and insecurity are like blood sisters. Not a lot of us like to admit it but when you think of it...most of the times you are jealous it is because you think you can't have something that somebody has that puts them on a whole other higher level than you. But we have to realize this is life and everyone has a different story and timeline of success. So celebrate with the winners and when the time is right it will be you. Just kiss jealousy and insecurity goodbye and kick them out the door today!

Justice here and there

It is sometimes easy to remain focused on maintaining justice in issues that only directly affect you and your loved ones. Of course, it has been the norm of humans for years and look where we are?....Not much done really in terms of justice on a whole lot of manners because we sometimes embrace selfishness. We need to break out of that shell and be altruistic even when it comes to justice.

Understanding and knowledge

A lot of value is sometimes highly placed on understanding. Nevertheless, we should realize that acquiring a library of knowledge in our minds won't do us any good unless we have the understanding that can help to transform that knowledge into something pragmatic.

Appreciation is all we need sometimes

Sometimes we have to take a break from always wanting or needing certain things from ourselves or others. Sometimes we have to be grateful for where we are at and truly grateful in every angle of our life. A lot of stuff in life are fleeting ... so don't waste your time counting what you don't have while you have a lot already.

No Complaining Zone

I think that regardless of our past or present circumstances we have to reach a point where we can be quiet if we all do is complain. The sad thing is that the complaining cycle never ends. If you are used to complaining you will always find a reason to complain whether you are in the "haves or haves not boat." So say No to complaining in your life today...it's not worth it and nor has it been proven to be an effective solution to anything.

Saying and doing...I love you?

Some people say these 3 words are the hardest to say. Some say they are the 3 words most wasted. Whatever your opinion is on the three words "I love you" just try to not use it in vain. If you love someone don't let it hang in air as an affirmation. Do an act of love in order to bring your love into life!!!