Friday, January 31, 2014

Success and the People on the Way

At the end of the day, you won't necessarily remember every little thing you did to succeed. You might likely remember the relationships you had...the ones you built and the ones you broke. Caring for people is a part of successful living so make sure you have that healthy element in your life too. Now don't use and abuse sincere.

How to Use your Intuition

Listen to the tiny voices that tell you little things. They might not always scream but you will be surprised when you realized that they deserved your attention. Intuition can also be learned so keep your eyes and ears open so you can sharpen your intuition by gaining insight from those who have a better sense of it.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Duty to Bless Others

Whether or not you have received a lot of blessings in your life, it is your duty to bless others. Don't just bless someone who can bless you back. Even bless who can't return the favor.

The Art of Listening

When you think about effective communication, what comes to your mind? I bet that a lot of people will think about speaking. There is one important skill that is highly forgotten and that is listening. Do you cut off people often? Then you aren't a good listener. Learn to listen and it will help you to be a better communicator. Take a day at a time and do  it even when you feel like you have something more important to say.

Learning About Your Attitude

How would you describe your attitude in one word? Not the one that you show the world but the attitude you keep internally just to yourself? Don't lie to yourself. Be authentic and will help you to get where you need to get. Remember that attitude makes the difference.

The Importance of Self-Motivation

The feeling of despair is sometimes so comfortable that people would rather fill their minds with it than with hope. Don't stop. A  big part of success is learning how to constantly motivate yourself. You can't depend on anyone to do that 24/7 for you. You can only do that for you.

Pessimism is Blinding

Don't just say that you can't do something. Act and do something about it. How many ways have you tried to overcome your fears? How many people have you asked for help?  Don't dance with the idea of things being impossible. Be brave and act even when you are at your lowest point. You will be surprised that is was your pessimism blinding you from the one step of victory you had to take to accomplish your goals.

How to be a Go-getter

Don't fall into the trap of self-content when you are performing under your potential. You know you can go beyond where you are. Open your mind and be a go-getter.

Time and Love

Every one has their own love story. Learn from others but wait and let time author your own. 

Every day is Precious

Every day is precious. Don't waste your day in negativity. Use each day wisely and make the most of it by being positive:)))

Be Fearless Today

If you hold on to fear you will remain right where you fear. Fear leads to stagnation. Stagnation leads to entrapment. Entrapment leads to blindness. Blindness leads to a loss of direction. So don't entertain fear because it will lead onto a road to nowhere. It is not a state that takes you to another higher level. So be fearless today and the rest of 2014.

The Law of Attraction

Do we always really attract we are? Not always. Sometimes we attract people into our circle who are what we would never want to be.

Watch what you Believe

If you believe in negative stuff it can and will happen. You need to program your mind to believe in possibilities. Watch what you say and listen to because it can affect you.

Friday, January 24, 2014

How to Learn from your Mistakes

You need to pay attention to the lessons that life teaches you. You need to know the difference between waiting and letting go. Sometimes it is better to persist and wait for time to tell. You need to know when to move on to a new endeavor but at the same time don't be the impulsive type. Give it some time.

Searching for Love

Some people are so broken that they will accept love from anyone and anywhere. The one who has found true love won't go searching for it in the wrong places.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Sunk Cost Effect in Our Lives

The sunk cost effect is an economic term which has a profound meaning in our daily lives. Have you sometimes held on to something too long just because you invested a lot in it? It could be a bad college major, a bad boy/girlfriend, a bad job. Whatever the case is. You need to get the courage to know the difference between holding on and letting go in order to make a wise decision.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Art of Patience

Don't be surprised if people do what you never expected them to. You know for a fact that you sometimes don't fulfill the promises that you make yourself. Therefore, be patient with yourself and others.

Doing the Undoable

Sometimes all you have to do is do what you have never done. Doing the same thing in the same way might most likely yield the same results. There is something that you might have never tried but that one thing is what will lead to your breakthrough.

Today and Tomorrow

We know what we know today. Tomorrow is not always as clear as a glass but as long as you are moving you will be fine.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Opportunities At Your Doorstep

If you don't open your eyes you will never see opportunity knocking at your doorstep. Don't take details for granted. Make the most out of every experience you have as you never know how it will all come together.

How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Don't despair if you aren't who you want to be today. Some of the most famous and successful people never had things working for them. My boss at work told me that God can take you through some things in life so that you can make that your ministry or mission in life. So don't take your pain or gain for granted as both can be useful.

Making Daily Decisions

If you play with fire you will get burned. Read the writing on the wall before playing around with foolishness. Something may bring short-term pleasure but bring long-lasting pain and regret. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Finding Self-Confidence

Some people are born with confidence and some aren't. We don't have everything but we can strive to gain certain skills that don't naturally come to us. Only you can be confident in the manner that you need to be.

Anyone can Change

Change is not so far away. It's only as far as you put it. Delaying change means you are comfortable being the same. You need to reach a moment when you promise yourself that you will begin to find ways to change no matter what is in front of you.

How to Find Your Destiny

If you are meant to meet someone again you will no matter what. So just keep living your life in the meantime. What will happen will happen. Noone can stop your destiny and sometimes not even you.

Overcoming Facebook Addiction

Have you ever thought about taking a break from certain things? Is your routine made up of facebook, twitter, instagram, random blog, facebook, facebook, facebook, facebook then you have a facebook addiction. Take a break from facebook and find out what you have been missing out of. Some people delete or deactivate their accounts. Some check it monthly, weekly, or yearly. Whatever you decide to do just make sure that you are creating a healthy balance in your life and not finding a new addiction.

How to Succeed in College

Here are some thoughts from a college senior's experience:
  • Major in what you naturally excel in
  • Don't hold on to a major that is taking your GPA nowhere
  • Be true to yourself and have the guts to stick to your career or change it if necessary
  • Expose yourself to different experiences in and out of the class. These are your most formative years and any encounter no matter how big or small could have a big impact on your identity and even career interests
  • Don't think of your life as being constrained by one career or major. Be open to all the new talents you might discover in yourself
  • Remember that you are your own person at the end of the day and can choose whether or not to join a sorotity, fraternity, or any popular organization
Any more thoughts?

Definition of Discipline

Discipline isn't necessarily about avoiding excesses. It's also about making sure that you aren't have too little of things. In short, discipline is about balance. Discipline is what makes the difference between the person who says they will do something and the one who actually does it.

Watching what You Say

Ask yourself what words you use often. An analysis of your word usage could give you some insights on what thoughts or feelings motivate your actions. Do you use hate, like, might, would, maybe a lot? Then ask yourself why and remove what needs to be removed.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Will to Improve

In order to improve you have to first acknowledge that you need to. Don't be afraid to work on your weaknesses with those who have strengths in such areas. You will be surprised when you realize that some of the most successful people are where they are because they turned their weaknesses into strengths. You just have to be wise so that you know the difference between persistence and moving on when it comes to sharpening your skill in a certain area.

The Road to Your Dreams

Don't wait for tomorrow to begin what can be started today. In short, don't delay your arrival to your dreams.

Speaking with a Purpose

Don't just say something because you have a mouth and someone's listening. Think as you say word by word.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Walking Away from the Familiar

Sometimes you have to walk away from all you know to discover what you don't. That day could be today. Explore the unfamiliar.

Sleep is Divine

Sleep is a blessing
God's gift in this world
A world that never sleeps at once

So then if we can out win the world in one thing:
Then maybe in sleeping.

The Zeal to Start and Finish

You might sometimes wonder
Where do people get their passions?
What do they do to start and finish a goal?
You do want to know

People walk, run, sit, read
And others just breathe
Is this, what is called mere existence?
That's what you want to know

When you know what you think you don't know...will you then be free again with the zeal to start and finish a goal?

Change and Time

One day could change everything. One minute too and so can a second. Keep your eyes on the moment at hand.

What it Takes to Pursue a Dream

Where did he?
Where did she?
Where did they?
How were they so courageous?

What does it take to pursue a dream?
How do you know you will make it?
What do you know when no one seeks to understand you?

What if you are undermined?
What if you are discouraged?
What will you do?
Say it?
Who will encourage you?
Who will pick you up?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Taking the Right Kind of Risks

Don't be afraid to take a risk. Loving is a risk. Giving is  a risk and so are a lot of things in life. If you don't take risks can you truly say you are living? Risks are roadblocks to be encountered on the way to some of your best and unknown talents. Listen to the tiny whisper which tells the truth.

Things Get Worse before Better

Sometimes things get worse before they get better. It's hard to comprehend but once you go through some stuff you will know it's true. Don't despair because as long as you are alive there is still something you can do or someone can do for you.

Be a Rock

Sometimes all it takes is an extra bit of faith. You never know when things will change. And don't forget to be that rock for someone else.

Be Strong

Some people give up on themselves before anyone else has. Don't let that person be you today. Be strong.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Some Questions For Yourself

If you are who you think you are,
Question yourself,
Search yourself.

Interrogate your own persona,
You'll be surprised to realize you don't know you as much as you thought that you did.

Cherish the Present

When you have something,
Cherish it.

When you have nothing,
Be hopeful.

For you never know how life can change through the tapestries of time.

Education for Life

There's the sight of blood,
The sound of bullets,
The air of terror,
The winds of chaos as they move swiftly, 
From border to border,
It is transformational,
That's the battle cry of education.

What do you do?

Sometimes you might wonder if God wants you to do this or that,
Which is which?
There is just so much good that can be done...
But then you gotta first figure out where to begin,
As how the earth figures out its course around the sun.

What defines a Woman?

The look of a woman,
the body of  a lady,
the attire of feminine flair.
What lies within you?
Now that you have it all,
Can we still say you're the same?
Am I who you think I am?
Who defines me?
Well I guess just me.


Why do we forget? 
Can I make myself forget?
But if so, why is it...that what I desire to forget is what I remember the most?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Don't be Mind-controlled

Don't be ignorant because whatever you are ignoring could control you consciously or unconsciously.

The Enemy within You

A wise African  proverb goes along the lines of " If there is no enemy within then the enemy outside can't harm you." This is a profound truth on a deep level because being in control of your environment is all about your intellect.

Romance and Finance

Romance and finance...which is which? People have different values at the end of the day someone or 2 people are going to pay some bills. You just have to decide whether you want to enjoy it at the peak of youth or later. Love is also a currency.

#Instant gratification vs Immediate Satisfaction

Who gives you Validation?

What or who validates you? It is easy to point out how shallow others are while you could be shallower. Take a deep look at you and change today.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Discipline is Not about Avoiding the Excess

Discipline is not always about restraining yourself from excess. Nor is it either engaging excessively in another seemingly beneficial material. Discipline is about balance and moderation. You can have a full life if you choose to live life in bits.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Most Important Lesson for Your Child

The world has really changed. We almost have everything like that. The internet is at the tip of our fingers and so are many things. With so many of this and that it might be hard for your child to focus. You need to help your child develop a sense of discipline. How? Well you need to exercise discipline by being moderate so your child's lesson is equally important to you.

Giving Money To "Broke" People

People will be broke around you if you allow them to. Here are some other ways of saying it:
  • You could be enabling someone to be broke around you
  • You could be wasting your money on a lost cause who wants to use you
In  a nutshell, make sure that you are giving to someone who is really broke and not someone who pretends to be broke or else you are basically being "gold-dug" whether you are a man or woman.

Be Fearless Today

Do you know what you need to run from? Fear. It can hold you back and chain you down. Be fearless today.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Pains of Change and Growth

I saw a quote today in my boss' office that went something like this, "You won't change until the pains of change become painful than remaining the same". I can't remember it word for word but it has a lot of truth. Sometimes it takes pain to change and that's the truth. Just listen to Tracy Chapman's song called "Change" and you will get a glimpse of what it takes to change.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just Finish Strong

It doesn't matter how you started. It doesn't matter what happened in the middle. If you just finish strong you can forget all the pain and open a totally new chapter. Never despair because even through your pain you are closer to touching a miraculous new tomorrow.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Quit the Blame Game

You might be weak today so that you can be someone's strength tomorrow. Quit the blame game and make the best of your circumstances.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Discipline the Missing ingredient for Success

We've always heard  about a lot of stuff that we should or should not be doing in order to succeed. One word that often gets forgotten is discipline. Discipline isn't something that begins in the classroom or ends is that one thing that you want to have with you everyday of your life so that you can get done what needs to be done in the way it needs to be done. Don't waste your time or you won't be any different from those who so freely do so.

Trust and Dependence

You need to know the time and place to trust someone. It's all about seasons. Don't be over-dependent on anyone including yourself.

What Would You Do?

It is sometimes easy for us to judge others or hypothetically make the perfect decisions for them. Sometimes you need to step back before giving advice and honestly ask yourself; what would you do?

The Power of the Truth

You can't hide from the truth. You might ignore its scream or whisper but it can and will catch up with you sooner or later.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Thanks to Fans

Thank you very much everyone for supporting my blog in 2013.  We've had more than 18000 views so far from more than 40 countries. Welcome to 2014 and let's roll!!! Feel free to leave me comments about what you would like this blog to have in 2014.