Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Glory and the Riches

So for all the things you want today, why don't you ask yourself where you would be without those things? Can you survive without what you want the most? You don't need things to be who you really are. Explore who you are within without the glory and riches.

Saying the Truth

The truth only becomes scary when you refuse to confront it. A truth spoken ceases to become a fear.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to Stop Stressing

Now is the time for you to perform. You have prepared for so long. Don't think about what could go wrong. Focus on making the most of the moment and everything will be alright.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Believing in Yourself

If you don't believe in you,
Who will?
Learn to believe in yourself and to...
Take your own advice sometimes.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Maximizing your Potential

Sometimes all you have to do is nothing,
Just sit back and wait,
And that is only after you have done your part to the maximum.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Power of Perception

Closing your eyes to some things,
Opens your eyes to other things,
Things you couldn't see but were always there.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Everyone Needs Love-Haiku Poem

Everyone needs it,
That's love for all the starters,
So don't you fake it.

Showing Love-Haiku Poem

Love your friends and family,
Show it to them every day,
Don't wait forever.

The Meaning of Love-Haiku Poem

What is love to you?
Is it just a word? Or more?
It's different y'all

Valentine's Day-Haiku Poem

A happy day for some,
A sad day for others they say,
But it's just a  day.

Love is Eternal-Haiku poem

Love is eternal,
It does not need  a yard stick,
To measure it anyhow.

Valentine's Day-Haiku Poem

Hey Valentine's day,
It's all tears and joy for some,
But nothing for others.

Hate into Love-Haiku Poem

You  hate it deeply,
But that hate can soon turn to love,
So respect the lines.

Trying-Haiku Poem

Try all you can child,
Because  the sun will shine on you,
Maybe tomorrow or today.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Working on Your Weaknesses

Clarity is sometimes all you need. You can't find it until you start looking for improvement. After you improve you will then realize that you had lacked clarity. Don't be afraid to pinpoint your weaknesses and work on them every single day even it seems like there isn't any immediate progress.

Taking the First Step-Haiku Poem

The very first step,
Might be so hard to ever  take,
But you gotta take one.

Embracing Self-Discipline in your Daily Life

Discipline can give you an epiphany. Try exercising moderation in all areas of your life. After you minimize the distractions you will be surprised by what had been going on while you were living an unprincipled life. Discipline is your best friend because it is the difference between someone who  has a dream and the one who turns it into a reality.

Listening to your Inner Voice

Listen to your spirit. Some people call it intuition. Some people say it's a gut feeling. You don't have to name the feeling in order to listen. Just listen to what the inner voice deeply tells you sometimes quietly or loudly and it will help learn about yourself and the world around you.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Haiku Poem about My Mom's Prayer

I believe it is,
Yes it is my mom's prayers,
That sustain my life.

How to Face your Fears

If is related to fear. Do you use that word a lot? Why are you letting your fear control your life? Say no to fear and face them. Fear is only as big as you make it.

Eric Thomas on Youtube is Awesome

Some people need to listen to Eric Thomas on youtube. He has a cool video called "You are limitless". Everyone needs to hear that message because they are times you might feel you can't do something just because you haven't seen someone do it. Listen to inspirational videos by him and others. Feed your spirit with the right food that can get you through pain of making sacrifices as he clearly says in one of his videos, "At any moment, sacrifice what you are for what you will become". He is legit and not just any kind of speaker.

Get up and don't give up

I don't remember the name of the movie but in an inspirational video I found online one of the voices said, "Get up and don't give up!" This is such a strong statement because everyone knows that they have a fear they need to overcome. People only see what you choose to show them. Very few people know that you need their support so at the end of the day you have to decide that you are determined to not only attempt to win but to get up every other time before you do win.

Haiku about Love

Love is what you want,
Only you know what you need,
Don't disagree girl.

New Haiku Section

At first, I thought that haiku would be hard. I wrote my first haiku poem yesterday. I want to begin writing many as possible about different human experiences. For starters, haiku is a Japanese form of poetry that uses a 5/7/5 syllable scheme and doesn't have to rhyme. Enjoy!

Be happy for her
It's not always about you
Take time to do that.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Your Weaknesses are Your Blessings in Disguise

Stop complaining to everyone about your weaknesses. Your weaknesses can be your greatest assets. They are your blessings, you simply don't know how to use them yet. Look really closely at your greatest weaknesses and you will be surprised that there is a secret blessing waiting to be released in your life. We can't always choose our strengths and weaknesses but we can choose what to make of them.

How to Overcome your Innermost Fears

Fear is a four letter word just like love. You can overcome fear by love. You ask how? Well you need to figure out the root of your fear then realize that you might lose someone or something if you can continue operating in fear. So your deep love for another factor related to your fear can be the bridge to your victory. Let the 4 letter words cancel out the other 4 letter words. Does that sound like balancing chemical equations? No pun intended.

How to Increase Your Blog Traffic

A lot of people might be wondering about how to maximize their viewers. After blogging for about a year here are my tips based on experiences:

1. Be committed to learning from other bloggers on a daily basis
2. Don't give up. Keep blogging even if you only have 1 viewer. Blogging is not for the weak of heart.
3. Try sharing your blog with your social networks but most of all keep producing quality content that is suitable for critical acclaim.
4. Last but not least, stay true to yourself because out of your originality, you will develop a true voice that will drive a lot of traffic your way. People are looking for authenticity even when they don't know it.
5. Rest whenever tired but don't forget to get up. Don't stay on the ground. That's all for today.

The Complexity of Spiritual Connections

Have you ever wondered why it is sometimes so easy to get along with some types of people? Sometimes it is all about the unknown spiritual connection that you all have already made. This is not always within your control but don't ignore your instinct when it comes to relationship building. Sooner or later your spirit will tell you whether someone, a place, or thing is good or bad for you and even basically insignficant. If you are a Christian then you will be familiar with the fact that a lot of things or every thing has a spiritual connection.

Learning to Listen to your Intuition

There is  a part of you that knows what is right or wrong for you. Listen to it. It will lead you throughout life and help you to make important personal and professional decisions. If you ignore the voice then you will face the consequences. Learn to listen to your intuition, conscience, self, or whatever you call it. The writing is on the wall just stop ignoring it. You need to be humble in order to learn the truth about your destiny.

Iron Sharpens Iron

A wise man once said, "Iron sharpens Iron." I first heard about this adage last year and I have never been the same. Have you truly asked yourself what that saying means in your personal and professional life? You want to lift others as you rise but be careful as people might end up being a weight on you instead of a wing. It's up to you to decide whether you want to fly or not.

Guard Your Heart

Your beliefs shape a big part of your actions and words whether you notice it or not. That is why the Bible cautions us to guard our hearts since they carry our beliefs. Don't just let anything become a part and parcel of the memories in your heart which will lead to your inner beliefs that can consciously, un-consciously, or sub-consciously affect your outer life.

The Power of Determination

Determination isn't about putting in the work for the sake of putting it in. It's about working hard when things get tough. It's about making the best out of the worst. You need to find a part of you that will be untouched by adversity and soar to excellence.

Your Communication Strengths and Weaknesses

We all have some communication strengths and weaknesses. Learn to focus on what you are already excelling at and aim to do a thing every day to improve other areas. if you can develop a bad communication habit overtime then the opposite can also be true.

Remember to Hold On

When you are at your lowest point remember to hold on. You are about to experience something wonderful. Yes because even out of life's greatest pains such as child birth you can birth some of your greatest experiences in life.

Looking for Love in a Cold World

Many hearts are looking for love in a cold world. It is not the ones with empty faces who are always in need. Even the smile and selflessness of that one person is just a mask of the longing for love that they need in the midst of this cold cold world.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Creating Your Own Personal Brand

Self-acceptance is more than beauty. It is about being honest with yourself and how so? By listening. You need to listen to your mind, body, and spirit. It will lead you towards what you need and what you don't. A better understanding and acceptance of yourself can lead to more success throughout your personal and professional life. Admire others all you want but remember to create your own distinctive personal brand that others can also learn from.

The Secret of Gratefulness

Your computer might get messed up. You might have to re-start a paper. You might feel like you are starting at one because of setbacks. It doesn't have to be that way. Be grateful and use that as a way to turn your challenges into opportunities.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to Find your Courage

Courage is not only a feeling. It's an act. When you are courageous you need to take action. That action is sometimes in the form of risk-taking and sometimes it's simply called preparation. Yes, preparation can give you the courage to do the undoable.

Counting Your Blessings

Your greatest victories will come out of gratitude. Whenever things go very wrong pause if you have to but don't sink in despair. It's time to swim. Swim until you can see the land  but first acknowledge the blessings that are already within your hand's reach.

Feeding Yourself with Positivity

Don't fill your mind with negativity. Negative feelings will haunt you and bring you down. Build your mind with positivity and your muscles will grow and its fruits will bloom in due time. Be honest about the negative when you need to but don't dwell on it.

The Importance of Self-determination

Don't be determined to get others to help you. You need to be determined to make the best of everything by yourself first and also be resourceful. Be determined to be self-determined.

Balancing your Personal and Professional Life

Do you know how to separate your personal life from your professional life? Sometimes you have to and sometimes you don't. Just make sure that you maintain balance on all sides of your life. Don't let the personal destroy the professional and the opposite is true.

The Roots of Love

Love knows how to let go. Love knows when to hold on. Love knows how to teach. There are different ways to show love but they all have one root...Love.

The Power of your Voice

Isn't it amazing how well some children can speak? Speech is a very important part of your future child's identity. Teach your children to express themselves in the most intelligent way that can portray their love for themselves and others.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Finding your Courage

If your courage hasn't been nurtured throughout your developing years then it is not too late. You can start today. Read books and surround yourself with courageous people who you want to be like and just remember that there is some truth in the adage that says "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with".

The Meaning of a Blessing

People view their blessings differently. Sometimes one's consideration of a blessing is nothing to another person. For example, one person might say that they are blessed to have food while someone else might think food is common place. In spite of all that, there must be true joy that we can gain from life after we realize that being grateful for the small and big things in life enriches our lives.

The Importance of Faith in your Life

Your beliefs are what can make up your reality. If you have the right kind of beliefs then you can always breathe life into a lifeless situation. Don't undermine the importance of faith in your life.

The Crowd You Keep

Don't hang around those who have no direction. You can for a moment to lift them up but if you make it a habit then you might find yourself right at the bottom with them.

How to be an Effective Communicator

Here are some sayings for some people who I have had the pleasure of meeting while out working in different community sayings:
  • It's not what you's how you say it
  • What you are saying is not what others may hear
So just watch the way that you frame your communication.

Accepting your Strengths and Weaknesses

Don't be too harsh on yourself. If you continue to be that way you might end up even diminishing your greatest potential strengths. Accept yourself in totality...that is your strengths and weaknesses.

A List of Deal Breakers

Some people find it easy to make a list of deal breakers. Sometimes your deal breakers can say a lot about yourself. For example, are your deal breakers there to shield you from your inner insecurities or are they there to give you the illusion of a perfect mate? Be careful because noone is perfect including you. Would you be able to make it through your own deal breaker list?

How to Deal with Loneliness

You might go through times when you feel like there is no hope and no one really cares for you. It is now and then that you have to train yourself to use your loneliness to reach out to those who may be needing your help.

Monday, February 3, 2014

The Beginning of the End

Have you ever had moments when you were at the end of something and you didn't see it coming? Well there's a difference between preparation and expectation. Enjoy the moments as time flies by and you move on into another chapter of life but don't forget to prepare for the next.

#700th Post and Thanks for the Support Everyone!