Monday, September 30, 2013

How to Successfully Choose Your College Degree Trajectory

College in countries like America can be challenging as 17 and 18 year old students are faced with many options of what discipline to dedicate the next 4 years of their academic life. Some students want to major in what their parents told them to while others don't even know where to start. Here are some things to consider when choosing a major:

  • Choose a discipline that you have a natural knack for as you will be spending a lot of time taking those courses. So unless you wanna work too hard for nothing then choose wisely
  • Don't major in something just because it is popular. Do research and figure out what are the career prospects for that major in the future
  • Ask yourself whether you want to major in something that you have never had the time to explore or whether you want to continue to learn more about something that has been deeply rooted in you since childhood
  • Last but not least, don't be surprised if you realize that you don't like a major as much as you thought you did. Learn to follow your instincts and switch major before it costs you too much in terms of GPA and graduation time

The Law of Nature Calls for Consistent Movement

What kind of goal setter are you? Do you just let dreams surround your thoughts but never act on them? Are you a chronic procrastinator? How are you gonna make your dreams come true if you never put your foot down? Don't be afraid to fail...just start today with what you got and if something happens change your strategy if you need to but keep going. You will get muscles along the way. Just make sure you don't ever stop...keep moving because it is a law of nature.

I Can Breathe...Yay!

As ungrateful humans by natures it sometimes takes something being taken away from us or someone close to us to recognize its value. Do you ever think about breathing? Maybe you don't if you don't have any respiratory disorders or if you don't live in an area with air pollution. Nevertheless, don't take for granted the fact that the medulla of your brain and nature are working to help you breathe well. It's a blessing.

How to Get and Keep the Man of Your Dreams

We are all very different which means we need different kind of men. So yes one size does not fit all. On the quest for the man of your dreams you have to know that and the following:
  • Remember that although opposites attract you sometimes attract someone who is like you so work hard on bettering yourself so you can get someone who you can be on the same page with
  • Don't be shallow. Take time to learn about yourself and figure out what is it that you really need or want from a man. After you do that it will help you attract the right kind of men and ignore the others since you know your standards
  • Last but not least, remember that almost everything in life is in a process. So don't forget that to get and keep the man of your dreams you have to keep inspiring him to the best man he can be to you and the world.
If you want me to write a similar post for the guys just let me know by saying so in the comment box.

Helping Others Is A Sure Way To Win

When we think about winning sometimes we place our goals over those of others. We just totally embrace this "me" mentality. We are point blank being selfish. Don't forget that although you might have different goals and dreams than others you can be a bridge to their accomplishment. Remember that winning is not meant to be an "I" thing it is mosst fulfilling as a "we" thing.

Doing Random Acts of Kindness On Your Very Own Birthday

Sometimes on our birthdays all we think about is recieving. What if we thought about giving? Why not give back in gratitude to whichever higher power you believe in? Try doing a certain number of random acts of kindness in proportion to your age. So if you are 23 then during the week of your birthday do 23 random or even anonymous acts of kindness.


Doing the Right Thing When It's Hard

Doing the right thing is not always as easy as it sounds. Thinking of the right thing to be done on the other hand is somewhat easier. Nevertheless, when we feel the inner person obliging us to do something right we should listen. If you don't listen you never know what you will be missing. Take a risk today by doing the right thing in the midst of challenges.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Strategies to Help You Believe in Yourself

We sometimes find it easier to believe in others than ourselves. In order for us to move forward we should also believe in ourselves. Here are some tips on how to believe in yourself:
  • Remember that you are unique and were made for a special purpose
  • Don't compare yourself to yourself to yourself
  • Celebrate all the milestones you have already crossed
  • Dream big and surround yourself with people who remind you of your wonderful qualities and don't hesitate to correct you also

Things To Do With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Here are some things to do with your boyfriend or girlfriend :
  • Play different games like cards, chess, and others together
  • Take a walk in the city or in a park and turn off your phones and any other electronic things
  • Try cooking a meal together or doing some challenging outdoor activity together
Don't forget to have fun!!!

News About Tanzania

If you want to go to Tanzania or you are from Tanzania or have any sort of connection there here are some good websites that are full of all sort of information about Tanzania. Here they are:
Shares hourly updates about Tanzania and also global news and it  also has links to other blogs, radio stations, scholarship opportunities and more. It is like a surfer's paradise.
Has different pictures and short captions about different events in Tanzania and it also promotes blogs, posts announcements from the diaspora,  and much more. There is no telling who you might end up connected to through Michuzi.

3 Ways to Remain Happy On the Way to Your Goal

We all have goals and some of them are very long term ones. So with time also comes weariness and that is not the easiest thing to conquer. We need to not only enjoy the results of our labor but we should also enjoy the process. Here are some ways to remain happy while working on something that takes a lot of time:
  1. Take a day at a time and celebrate even your smallest accomplishments
  2. Encourage others along the way who are striving to reach their own goals which might be similar or different
  3. Find new and exciting activities that you love to do that can energize you when you are at low points

3 Ways to Go Out and Meet People

Whether it's at work, school, church, or anywhere there will always be the issue of socializing. As humans, at our very core we desire to get know many others humans and have them as companions. This could fall under friendships, romantic relationships, or whatsoever. Here are some ways to get out and meet people.
  1. Involve yourself in different organizations at your school, workplace, or in your neighborhood
  2. Ask your friends to introduce you to their other friends
  3. Get to know your friends well and soon they will introduce you to their families which is a potential network that you can be a part of

Friends Are Like Family So Treat Them Like...

I have heard that birds of a same feather flock together. Well well some people that we choose as our friends end up being like family so I guess the same can be said of families. Anyway, the main point here is that we have a lot of people in our lives who have been with us through thick and thin who aren't even family. We should treasure them for sure because they are like our soul families.

Getting Through the Meat and Bones of Critiques

One of the marks of excellence is using criticism constructively. Looking at things from another's viewpoint is a great way to improve whatever product you have which could be yourself, a business, a project, and the list goes on and on. Sometimes people give their critique in a manner that it is so painful and even insulting sometimes. The best thing you can do is cancel out any profanity they used in getting their points across. Those are bones. Leave the bones alone as they say and take the meat. There is some value if you look hard enough.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Breaking Cycles of Family Dysfunction

Families are an important part of who are. For most people they are one of the first sources of contact. So at a young age and throughout development we receive a lot of conscious and unconscious messages that become  a part of us. Sometimes what we see is detrimental to us. Here are some ways to begin to break the chains of family dysfunction:
  • Realize that every family has its dirty laundry but the difference is in how it is handled so you are not alone
  • If you can't fix your family no matter how hard you tried then be the pioneer of the new family generation which creates a better legacy
  • Understand that you have to confront the demons in your family and then use that knowledge to create stairways for angels in your family

Adjusting Your Communication Style

Wherever you go you will realize that people might say the same thing but say very different things. You need to be attentive in order to evaluate what you say and how you say it. Communication will follow you anywhere you go. Just be reflective and make sure that you are ready for change and yeah if you can change your communication style you can change a lot of things in your life.

A Moment of Truth

The truth always comes out sooner or later. You might be lying to yourself and living for other people. You need to stop yourself before you dig yourself into pits of lies. Lies about your relationships, potential, appearance, culture, and more.  Don't ignore the voice that knows the truth, Be you although it's not easy but at the end of the day you will realize it will be worth it.

The False-Positives or Negatives in the Quest of Life

In the quest for achievement we sometimes across disguised false-positives that seem like the real thing. Be on the lookout for people or things that claim to be a shortcut to your success. You have to fight and know that if something looks like its the real thing but it isn't...then you have to push yourself until you find the real thing. And when you do no one will have to tell you are will know it in your soul that you have accomplished the real thing.

Your Procrastination Can Turn Into Your Destination

Why are you always putting things off? Don't you know that the bank that stores put-off things is never full? If you keep procrastinating with one thing then it will turn into everything. Such a pattern is destructive because it will make arrive at a destination with goals that have been put off. Do what can be done today and don't get it mixed with prioritizing. 

Turning the Negatives into Positives

There will always be something or someone that is not perfect. If we train our eyes to only see and dwell on imperfections then we will be feeding our lives with negativity. Let us learn to notice the negative but focus on the positive with great appreciation so that it can move us to have the energy and willpower to turn the negatives into positives.

Don't Be Afraid to Learn

Why are we sometimes afraid to fail? Isn't learning supposed to be an enjoyable process? How do we end up getting caught in merely trying to get grades? These grades are sometimes the very thing afraid of learning. No one was born knowing anything or will die knowing anything. We all learn at different paces so put your fears aside and enjoy the beauty of learning.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Successfully Dealing with Fear

Fear is a natural part of being a human. If you totally fear nothing at all on any level then you might be in denial. Anyway here are some things that can help you deal with fear:

  • Realize that you will not be the first or last person to have that fear
  • Decide whether you want to risk having that fear forever or risk conquering it
  • Learn about people who faced your fears and how they overcame them and then

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Things to Know on the Way to your Career Goal

There is no doubt that a career is becoming an increasingly important part of our everyday lives from Africa to Asia and everywhere else. Why else would somebody go to school for even more than 15 years. We all sometimes have that dream career that keeps us going through the ins and outs. Here are some things to know about the career world:
  • Don't be surprised if you end up changing your career goals even after having put much effort into it
  • Be ambitious but also realistic and read the writing on the wall and figure out when it is time to seek different educational opportunities in a different career if you are in school
  • Asses yourself and find out whether you are someone who can go back home after work without any baggage from work....if not be really careful with what you choose as it will highly affect your personal life
This is all for today. Feel free to leave any career advice in the comment box.

Miracles Still Happen

We sometimes underestimate the power of our thoughts to influence outcomes. Scientists have been proving day after day that our thoughts do indeed affect our physical, emotional, and mental health. Are you looking for a career, relationship, or school miracle? Look at your mind. What have you fed your mind on? Have you fed your mind on seeds that will yield disasters or miracles? Just watch you believe in because it all comes from your thoughts.

Respecting Your Significant Other

In every culture there will be different traditions practised which will either emphasize respect for the male or female partner. But at the end of the day don't we all love being respected? Here are some reasons why respect is important:
  1. Respect shows that you are invested in the relationship
  2. Respect shows that you value your partner's entire personhood
  3. Respect shows that you are trustworthy and can keep the deepest kinds of secrets without harboring judgement

Wishing The Best or Worst On Your Worst Enemies...???

Countries have enemies, people have enemies, families have enemies and even co-workers have enemies. It all depends on your definition of an enemy. An enemy can be anyone who wishes the worst for you or who you wish the worst for. What is the point of all this? We all need each other and even if not now we will someday. Let us learn to be respectful and agree to disagree instead of chaining ourselves and others in enmity.

What is Your Listening Attitude?

Do you listen to people in order to hear what you want to hear? Do you listen to people in love, anger, jealousy, or bitterness? A  lot of times our attitude while listening to others will affect the way we understand what they are saying and why they are saying whatever in such a manner. Check your attitude before you listen so you can gain the most.

Knowing Your Not Cut Out For "That" Life

There are some things that we used to enjoy doing. We made these things our everything. We made such things our reasons for living and breathing? How do we ever let that one thing like a career, person, or incident have such control over us? Sometimes you have to ignore everything and walk away from any things that dominate your life and leave it without balance. We are not cut out for living such lives. Balance is key.

A Prayer For Kenya

This post is dedicated to Kenya a lovely country in East Africa. In  a terrorist attack by the Al-Shabaab that began on Sunday and lasted for like 3 days about 69 people were killed and about hundreds injured. Nobody expects to go to the mall and then end up dead or injured. Whatever race, creed, or belief you are please put that aside and say a word or two for Kenya. They need all the love from every corner of the world. 

Tuko Pamoja from a Tz soul

You Will and Can Become Whoever You Surround Yourself With

Ask yourself who do you spend the most time with? These are people whose thoughts, actions, and words can begin to become  a part of you. Sometimes even couples begin to look like each other after being together for a long time. Sometimes we think we are immune to the negative influence of others. Don't be too proud about your standards because you might fall so learn to create balance by surrounding yourself with people who can complement your strengths and weaknesses. That way you can grow but keep hang around people who don't complement you and don't be surprised if you end up shrinking or shriveling away.

Music Is Life...and Life Is Music

Why are some things so sweet that they can only be heard? Have you ever wondered how hard it is to convey certain feelings without a song? Music has come a very long way and in different cultures has meant something to them. Music is not a's powerful and that means you can use it to elevate and motivate you to where you want to go.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mental Bondage and Cowardice

Why are you afraid to try something new? Who or what is holding you back? It is ok to be scared but don't freeze in fear. Use your nerves to make you excel. Turn it into a motivational force and courage will meet you somewhere there before the finish line.

Cultural Values and Silence

This summer I had an amazing experience of interacting with people from all parts of the world. I used to friendly and lovingly tease one of my friends about her silence. She is Native American and she shared with me that silence is an important part of their cultural values (for her specific nation) and so is listening. I was amazed and wanted to learn more...all in all the point of me sharing this is that we should not shy away from learning about other peoples' cultural values.

Ways to Figure Out Your Destiny

At some point of our lives we all wonder what our destiny is. Some people spend the rest of their lives living outside of their destiny. Like who would enjoy doing what they were not called for or born to do?  Well here are some ways to figure out your destiny:

  • Trace your history and find out what people from your family, country, or region were passionate about

  • Ask yourself what are some of the skills you have that have made a great impact in other people's lives regardless of whether you use skills a lot or not

  • Ask wise people who know you and your history well what are your strengths and weakness then capitalize on your strengths on the way to your destiny

Kissing Sleep Goodbye

There is actually a verse from a holy book that talks about the dangers of sleep. Really? But how will we survive without sleep? The issue here is that an excess of sleep is detrimental. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your sleep and kiss it goodbye in order to live your dreams. All of your dreams weren't meant to stay dreams...some are meant to be realities. You are the only one who can make them come true by cutting down sleep ....wake up and stay up as much as you need to.

Does True Love Exist?

Everyone is always quick to complain that people don't have real love nowadays. Well the funny thing is maybe people back in the day also thought they didn't have real love compared to the people before them. So is true love really going down as time progresses? This is a not a yes or no question but it is one that can choose to answer depending on your perspective. What do you all think based on your experiences? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment box.

Advice to a 22 Year Old Lady

Hey there 22 year old lady. How is it being 22? Are you letting people still make decisions for you unconsciously? Do you let the spoken and unspoken thoughts of irrelevant and relevant people around you affect the most important decisions in your life? You know deep in your heart what is the best thing for you. You know what is the best thing for your career and love life. You have lived long enough to be considered an adult in any continent of the world. Live to the fullest. Be you and that will be the best reward to you and your future 23 year old self.


A fresh 23 year old

Improving Yourself Inspite of Self-Imposed Obstacles

We sometimes block our own success. It is not about him or her or them. It is about me and you. We are sometimes our worst life coaches. Stop allowing yourself to remain in one spot. You know that you got to now get up. There is always something to improve on or even learn to do. Don't get content...Perfect your skills each and everyday. Don't say you got it all. You can learn to be a better:

  • Student

  • Public speaker

  • Driver

  • Spouse

  • Friend

And the list goes on and on. Expect nothing but the very best from yourself.

How To Be a Better Communicator

Communication is a critical skill in any area of your life. A lot of stuff that come out of us will either have a positive or negative influence on the receiver. Here are some things to help improve your communication skills:
  • Listen to yourself before and while you speak
  • Change your tone as you move from idea to idea
  • Don't forget to smile and let your personality shine

Overcoming Pity and Entitlement

Do you ever feel like the world owes you something? Are you always looking for pity when you are trying to succeed? The truth is that some people might feel sorry for you and empathize and help you out. The other huger majority may never understand you intentionally or unintentionally. So wash your eyes and refuse to view yourself through the eyes of self-pity and self-entitlement because I have not yet seen anyone who got somewhere meaningful by embracing the two.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Making Your Expectations Clear

What do you expect from yourself? What do you expect from others? You have to know yourself well enough in order to share with the people of life what you need from them. Nobody can really read everything that is going on in your mind. You have to be open to learning about yourself. Thereafter, find ways to let the people around you know what makes you happy, sad, mad, and the like.

Choosing to Continue Your Goals

When we set goals we sometimes assume that we will reach our goals in a particular order. I can't disagree that some people have that experience but some people don't. If you are one of those people facing difficulty in attaining your goals...take some time to ask yourself these questions:
  • Are there additional ways that you could incorporate into the achievement of your goals?
  • Are there any divergent paths you could risk taking that could possibly lead you into making a new goal?

Knowing Yourself

Society seems to sometimes condition us to want to know more about others. We are taught to focus on how other people react to us. This is good but we should not lose ourselves by constantly focusing on others as we also need to understand ourselves. Like try asking yourself today these questions:
  • What do you hate the most about yourself and why?
  • What motivates you the most and why?
  • What discourages you the most and why?
  • What scares you the most and why?
  • What do you love the most about yourself and why?
These are enough questions for today. Feel free to make your own questions and suggest your own in the comment box.

3 Steps to Overcoming Procrastination in College or Life

Have you always been a procrastinator? Basically if you are notorious for putting off things until the last minute then you are one. What are you doing in the meantime? It is possible that you are doing nothing but some other things to merely fill up your time...what a waste of time! Here are a few tips to help you overcome procrastination:
  1. Train yourself to do one thing at a time for a short period of time basically make breaks an asset
  2. Surround yourself with people with great time-management skills and they can inspire you to be more like them
  3. Convince yourself that the earlier something is done the better the result will be and of course the less stress you will feel

5 Lessons from Children

There is a lot that children can teach us. I love working with little children and they never fail to amaze me. Here are some things that children can teach us:
  1. It is okay to have big dreams even if they don't come true
  2. Enjoy the moment and don't always rush to the next thing
  3. Take time to listen before responding and that is how you will learn how to get things done
  4. Be inquisitive and don't be afraid to ask questions
  5. Be bold and don't count your losses before you actually attempt something

Reasons to Forgive your Enemies

We all have names for them...some call them enemies and some call them frenemies. Whatever you call them I am sure we can all agree that there are people in our lives who have wronged us. The cycle will never end and we might eventually end up hurting some. Here are some reasons to remind you to forgive regardless of the circumstances:

  • Frees you from a cycle of negativity
  • Gives you the wisdom to learn the lesson from the pain
  • Reminds you that you might also need someone's forgiveness one day
  • It is one of the greatest acts of love
  • You never know the future as one day your enemy might turn out to be your best friend or your boss

Setting New Goals For Yourself

Aren't we always sometimes quick in saying that someone has to do this or that? We usually even envision a course of action that they should follow in order to succeed? Why are we always trying to get others to set new goals? Why don't we set our goals and stick to them? Stop focusing on other people...yes they are important but the best way that you can impact them is by first making sure that you are also setting new goals for yourself that are helping you grow.

Ways to Make Someone Feel Special on their Birthday

We sometimes take birthdays for granted and forget to show the important people in our life how much they mean to us on their birthdays. Don't let that person be you and here are some ways to share some love with your loved ones on their birthdays:

  • Surprise with them a special delivery of flowers or a special treat
  • Write them a note that shares how important they have been to you since you have known them
  • And don't forget to sprinkle smiles when you see them

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Role of Hope in Our Lives

Hope is one of those other 4 letter words like love and hate that carry a lot of meaning. Without hope the world would likely come to a stop. We need hope just as much as we need the air we breathe. If we didn't have hope some of us would not even believe that we would be up the next day or that we could even move a part of our body. Hope is always with us even when we are not looking for it subtly plays a part in our daily life interactions. Don't let go of hope because it is one of those things that is there until the end of time.

Reasons to Travel to other Parts of the World

We all seem to enjoy staying in one place sometimes while some of us have the travel bug. Well today I will share some reasons as to why you should let the travel bug bite you and here they are:

  • Travelling helps you to see your identity through the eyes of another

  • Travelling widens your  knowledge of the methods of communication

  • Travelling can be an avenue for meaningful network

  • Travelling can help you to pick up  a new hobby or interest or even find out that you had a talent that you never thought you had

So don't be afraid. The world is much smaller and travel is getting cheaper. Start to begin travelling a place at a time even if it is within a local area and when you get the wings you will be free to go global.


Reasons to Start or Continue Reading

Some  people think that reading is a waste of time and they would only read if necessary. There are many treasures out there in many books which carry the thoughts of ages. Here are some reasons to pick up a book and read:

  • You don't know everything

  • Some of your solutions are already in books

  • It will increase your vocabulary and sharpen your intellect

  • You might be inspired to write  a much needed book about something that is hardly written about


4 Ways to Break a Habit

We all likely have some things that we would like to change about ourselves. Yeah we all have some habits that we want to break. Here is one of the many ways to break a habit:

  1. Ask yourself why you do what you do

  2. Be patient with yourself after answering the first question

  3. Begin to find reasons to break your old habit and start a new habit

  4. Make sure that you find something to substitute what you used to do

Making Sense of Sadness

There are a lot of sad things that daily happen in the world. Sometimes we try to make sense and figure out the whys and hows. It is a tough and heart breaking task and it is important to acknowledge that the world has some sadness as well as happiness. Just make it your goal to capitalize on the best for those near and far from you. So just think of creating happiness instead since it is more sensible.

Growing up and Learning

Some of us might think that as long as our biological age increases than the lesser the likelihood of them being able to learn new things. It is true that the brain plasticity decreases as we get older but no one said it is impossible to un-do that? Guess what that means? Well basically you don't have to hesitate learn something just because you are older. Your brain still needs you to know more so give it a mental treat.

Accepting Criticism With A Grain of Salt

There will always be people who will tell you something negative no matter what. It is your job to humbly keep your ears and mind open so you can sift through the critique you get. Some people will give you a destructive critique and others will give you a constructive critique. Make sure you focus on the latter.

Prioritizing What To Get Done

Some of us are accustomed to thinking of tasks in clusters. This is something we have to learn to un-do. Thinking of getting things done with the mind-set of getting them done all at once might lead to stagnation. Prioritize and then do a thing at a time...even if it is one. Remember step by step you will get there.

Ways to Re-gain Your Motivation

There are times that we feel like we don't want to go on. We are all human so getting weary is a reminder of that. The key is not to remain comfortable in your state of exhaustion. Sometimes only you are the only one who can accomplish something. So don't lie to yourself that someone else will do it. Get up and do it!

Loving the Unlovable in You

Have you ever wondered why you seem to hate that which everyone loves about you? Why do you give yourself a lot of hate? Learn to accept yourself and that goes along with your flaws and beauty. Get to know and love you more and it will help you to even love others.

Counting Your Blessings

Don't you sometimes hate it when someone tells you, "Count your Blessings?" In fact, for the most part in every thing that happens you can find a blessings if you look really hard. Some people are living within blessings but don't even know it because they have specialized in negativity. Don't let that person be YOU!

Celebrating Accomplishments

What do you do when you win? Do you just belittle your accomplishment and move on to the next one? How will you grow and re-gain strength if you don't take the first step and celebrate. There is nothing wrong with

Getting Over the Fear of Failure and Success

Some of us are so so scared to do anything because we think that losing or winning is too risky. Risk will follow you anywhere even if your sitting on the sofa like a potato. Stagnance is not worth it. Dust yourself and get up and make yourself move beyond fear.

Who Expects the Most or Least from you?

No matter how independent we might think we are we might have to agree that there are people or things that shape the way we live. We basically model our lives around their open and subtle expectations. You have to live your own life and you can start today by:

  • Ask yourself what is the most important thing to you and let that guide you in your decision-making

  • Ask yourself what you might regret not doing and make sure that you make time to do it

Ways to Make The Best of the Worst

We can't always control what happens to us or others. Here are some things to remember when things go rough:

  • Somebody has it rough than you and they aren't complaining

  • Someone is an answer to your prayer but your negativity might blind them

  • Something to be learned is  there in everything that happens and it's your task to find that treasure


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Determining Your Career Goals

Some of us have been raised to believe that we only have to pursue one career. While others might have been raised to believe that they can manage versatility in their careers. Here are some things to think about when determining your career goals:

  • Do you want to work in one field for multiple years regardless of any economic forecasts?
  • Will your future career give you time to explore other aspects of your life?
  • Is your career the only thing that you think of when you wake up in the morning and go to bed at night?
Think about it and find ways to make sure that you manage your career goals so that they don't manage you. It won't be easy but starting is half the battle.

Being Someone's Reason to Not Fear

We all have different fears. And we are not here on earth to only focus on our own fears. We are here to help others overcome their fears....Yes...that's right. And don't be surprised that if your fears melt away in the process of you helping someone else deal with their fears. All you have to do is be courageous enough to believe you can have that impact.

Expecting Excellence From You

We are sometimes our own worst critics. We are sometimes our worst enemies and expect the worst from ourselves. Give yourself a break today and change your mindset. Begin to program the inner you into achieving excellence that will illuminate the outer you.

Ways To Share Love Today

Don't wait for someone to be so far away. Don't wait for impossible circumstances. Today you can start showing love to any and every one by doing the following:

  • Forgive those who have wronged you because forgiveness and love go hand and hand and it is good for you too
  • Be empathetic and learn to see things in another way
  • Choose to return hate with love even if there is no guarantee of you being loved in return
Love and Hate are both 4 letter words so it shouldn't be hard to do the substitution. You got this!

3 Ways to Start a Business

Do you think only certain people can have successful businesses? Do you have a dream business you would like to start? Here are some ways to begin your business.
  1. Figure out what business will prosper based on the specific needs of an area for example the internet industry is highly growing in different African countries
  2. Research the whats, hows, whys, and whens of different successful businesses within and outside your field of interest
  3. Start where you are...don't wait for the perfect will never get nowhere without beginning with what you already have even if it is just your brains and an empty pocket
# Believe and act on your business instincts

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blessings and Responsibilities

Everyone of us has something unique to contribute to the world. Don't look down on yourself or others. You yet have many blessings to share with the world...that is your responsibility.

Supporting the Dreams of Someone else

It is an amazing feeling when someone believes in you and suddenly without a struggle that person makes you want to believe in yourself and give all you got. Be that dream supporter for someone today. Believe in someone today.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

3 Ways to Improve Yourself

Self-improvement and self-help materials are becoming very popular. In this day and age of globalization everyone wants to be the best. Here are some tips to help you get where you want to get:

  • Acknowledge that you have the potential to be better today than you were yesterday
  • Find people who believe in you and lean on them consistently for support until you can fly alone
  • Actively pursue multiple opportunities and kiss failure and despair goodbye

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Choosing the Right Career

Some of us have grown up thinking that we have either be a doctor, lawyer or engineer in order to make a difference in the world. That might  have been the life scheme that worked in earlier times but nowadays with the onset of globalization it is important to expand your career trajectory. Learn the art of versatility in your career and use it as a guide as you pursue different educational opportunities.

Taking Classes Online

There is no end to learning whether you are doing it for  a grade or just for fun. The internet is  a great resource because there are many different places people can get free knowledge from. YouTube is  a great option and so is Google. Don't think it is too late to learn...change your mindset and take some online classes today. 

What To Do When Discouraged?

We sometimes expect people to have our backs. Is it because we think we are entitled to that? Why would we think that everyone would want to encourage us?  Discouragement is a normal part of life and just learn to pick the meat from the bones when people put you down. That's one way to make the best of the worst.

Setting New Goals

Have you ever reached  a point in life where you felt like you were tired of making goals because you never achieved them? If you have then try to practice prioritization. Doing so will help you to break up the beef in your goal into tiny chucks. We all know that  having too many goals can also be distracting and depressing so be strategic and learn what to pursue and what not to pursue.

The Beauty of Donations

When you make a donation do you usually expect that very person to give you something back? If you keep on giving with expectations you won't enjoy giving. Learn to donate different things you have from time to even cars with an open heart.

Caring for the Environment

Do you sometimes  feel like it is a conspiracy that the local and global environment is being destructed? Regardless, of whether your answer is yes or no you have to be on the lookout for any harmful materials like asbestos that cause mesothelioma. There are other harmful chemicals in food and cosmetics so care for the environment which also includes you.

The Importance of Humility

Humans often tend to crave for security in whatever they are highly invested in. The truth is security is not always guaranteed so it is better to practice humility so it can stay with you whether things go up or down.

The Virtue of Respect

What does respect mean to you? When I think of respect I think of value which means that disrespect is basically a devaluation. Whatever you respect will control you so learn what to value and what to not value in order to get where you want to get.

Learning from Mistakes

None of us is perfect. We sometimes desire to reach a state of perfection where we are in control of our actions. The truth is we can attempt to achieve perfection but we won't be perfect. And, we don't need to be perfect because it might lead to stagnation. Let us just learn from our mistakes and grow from them because they are bound to happen.

Phobia of Travelling

Do you have a fear of travelling? If not then you might know someone who has such a phobia. Ignoring our fears is not the way to solve them. We have to confront our fears of travelling even if it means beginning with a small journey. There is a lot to be learned when you expose yourself to new things in  a new place so just do it and you will be amazed at its rewards.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Dealing with Hatred

There is one thing that we all can't escape in life. It is a 4 letter word...hate. We are all humans so it happens but it is no excuse to hate. Why should we keep on letting people die internally and externally because of hate? Take a step at a time today and learn to battle hate with love.

Taking Advice Or Not

There are times that we seek for guidance from different people. Some people will give you the right advice while some won't. It is really up to you to trust your instincts and decide what advice to take and what to leave. You are at the end of the day the one who can know what is the best for you.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Trading good things for bad things

Have you ever wanted something so bad only to get it and wonder why? Yes it happens to a lot of people. This in itself is a lesson that on the way to achieving a goal we shouldn't let it blind us to the extent that we end up trading the time we could have invested in other matters. It is good to prioritize and be realistic because you don't want your life to have a pattern of you trading good things for bad things. Just keep checking yourself.

Learning the Beauty of Donating

Why do we like clinging to things we don't need? Why do we like waiting to have plenty before deciding to make any donation? Two words ...Human nature. Yeah to some extent as humans we have in it in us to not be selfless. We have to learn to be altruistic and genuine. Don't just donate things for the sake of donating. If you want to give someone stuff don't always give them old and used stuff. Learn to also donate things in great condition...including yourself. Once you start you will realize you can't stop and you will keep on getting blessed.

How much do you know about the law?

When I was little I used to think that an attorney is different from a lawyer and even advocate. I later realized that they were all the same. Has anyone ever been to court or followed court proceedings? If you have done any of the following you will realize that attorneys play a unique role in the justice system of any country. There are times when people complain about certain kinds of injustices. It's time to stop complaining and start motivating the young and old to enter the field of law. Getting more attorneys from different backgrounds is one way to change the legal system of an area.

Insurance Literacy and You

Do you have health insurance? I bet your car is insured. I sometimes wonder where did this insurance system come from? In some cultures insurance is not even a popular concept as people sometimes see that insurance is like expecting the worst to happen before it happens. At the end of the day, you will have to decide what type of insurance is your priority. But you don't have to get every type of insurance just because everyone is getting insured. There are also some people who try to get themselves to become the beneficiaries on other people's life insurance policies. Just watch out for such people because I have watched too many real life shows where one of the murder motives was simply life insurance.

Deciding Whether To Take Out Loans Or Not

We all have different philosophies about money. A  lot of things are getting expensive everyday from education to houses and more. At the same time, the loans industry is truly growing in places like America. The sad thing is that people are sometimes people are not able to pay off their loans in time because of  a myriad of factors. One of them can simply be taking out a loan that you don't really need. Yes, that is a reason. Some people aspire to live above their means and in the end up always trying to get more loans to pay off old loans and the end someone's bank account is overwhelmed with loans. Please, don't let that person be you. Be money savvy and financial freedom will be your best friend.

Some Reasons As To Why We Never Take Certain Classes

I got some very positive feedback on my post that discusses the importance of people taking classes that they have desired to take for a long time  from one of my favorite bloggers in Tanzanian. Hence, I have decided to expand on my former post called :

Take That Class You Don't Want To Take

In a nutshell, fear is not the only thing that holds us back from pursuing different learning opportunities. Another thing is hidden pride which can sometimes disguise itself as timidity or a lack of self-confidence. Sometimes we can be so proud about our current abilities that we unconsciously feel that taking on a new challenge will tarnish our image of ourselves. We need to tell ourselves no and move forward and take classes in everything from design to singing and more. Listen to your inner instinct.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Take That Class You Don't Want To Take

There are times that we allow our fear to hold back us from doing what we want to do the most. There is that driving force holding back someone. Some people don't want to take classes in language, computer science or even swimming. But what will you lose by taking such classes? Nothing. Just do it and enjoy the beauty of expanding your knowledge and learning about talents that you didn't even know you had.

Transferring what needs to be moved from here to there or there to here

Don't you like the feeling of moving your unnecessary items to the recycle bin on your computer? Or who doesn't like the feeling after the trash has been taken out the house? It is easier to see the trash on our computers or in our houses but not always to see in it our lives. There is sometimes trash in our social circles that needs to be transferred...yes it needs to be thrown out there. If you don't wanna get worn down then learn how to transfer what needs to be transferred out of your life.

Rehab time

We all do things that we know we are not supposed to be doing. They are some destructive habits that lead us backwards but are hard to break. We need to reach a point of honesty within our soul and know that it is time for self-rehab or rehab offered by someone else. You should love yourself to be willing to want to change yourself even it means giving yourself some sort of customized rehabilitation therapy that could help you stop doing things like gossiping, over-spending, over-drinking, procrastinating, and much more.

Which treatment is the best?

People around the world suffer from all sorts of illnesses and often face  hard times when deciding what course of treatment to follow. Some treatments might be against someone's established personal belief system that encompasses their core moral values. Would you convince someone to get a treatment like blood transfusion if you knew it was for their good? What about shock therapy? There is sometimes a blurred line when it comes to recommending or choosing a particular treatment. Hence, patients and their close ones should be inform themselves about the ins and outs of all kinds of treatments when faced with any kind of health challenge.

Should I get insured or not?

Have you ever wondered whether everybody has insurance? The American system is built on a lot of insurances like health insurance, accident insurance, life insurance and much more. Nevertheless, not everyone in America or out of America structures their life around insurance policies. Some people feel like they don't have to borrow problems before they come into being. At the end of the day you have to do whatever is good for you. If you want insurance then do some research and if you prefer not after careful evaluation then don't feel pressured to get insured at all.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Peace Like A River

Some of us might be familiar with the American chorus that says "I've got peace like a river in my soul." Have you ever wondered what is the connection between the river and peace? There is something amazing about the course of nature that inspires humans to let go of their worries. There is also something so peaceful about how a river and other parts of nature have a way of naturally working in co-ordination despite the conditions. Who knows...maybe the rivers envy us too? Lol and think we got peace. Peace is attainable but first we have to be determined to look for it constantly in every single way and then it will begin to flow naturally into our personalities.

How to know you are in love?

Everyone defines love differently and can take hours and hours explaining their specific view. I think that the majority of people will agree that the couples who have been together through thick and thin are really in love. This does not mean that the couples who have only gone through good times are not in love...they are also in love. The one thing is that people tend to be in different stages of love. So even if you have been with somebody for years you may or may not be in the initial stages of love. Love has different stages and seasons and when you reach a point where you are selfless and ready to make any kind of reasonable sacrifice for your significant other then you are in love.

What to do with your attitude?

We sometimes think that no one knows us better than ourselves. This is sometimes true and sometimes not true at all. If you are in touch with yourself and understand how to transform that knowledge of yourself into daily living then Kudos!!! I say so because changing one's self and in particular one's attitude is not the easiest thing and that is why shelves are stocked with self-help books. So what should you do with your attitude? Be patient with it and work on it a day at a time and also heed and accept others help and advice.

Weddings are so...

One of my friends got married this week. I can vividly remember the short time that we knew each other. All in all it was a blessing getting to know her. And yes she is the reason that I am writing about weddings today. Of course, there is nowadays so much negativity about weddings and marriage. Why is that the case? People have become too pessimistic and hopeless when it comes to marriage. Nothing is easy in life including's all about 2 people putting in their all everyday. And yes, it is for the strong of heart and not the weak.

Self-destruction and yourself

Are you always quick to blame others when things go wrong for you? Is the problems always them and never you? If so then take a good look at yourself in and out. You will be surprised that  a majority of the things that happen to you depend on your response. Yes you are responsible and have to hold yourself accountable.You alone have that power whether to lead yourself to self-destruction or to rise above any negativity in your life. Learn to take responsibility for yourself. A day at a time.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Loving and Liking Someone

I remember having a conversation with someone a couple of days ago about the complexity of loving and liking someone. In a nutshell, we both realized that love is more giving and selfless while on the other hand you might also end up liking someone for selfish reasons. For example you might like someone a lot because they make you laugh and  then think that you necessarily love that person. Just because your desire to laugh is satisfied and you feel good does not mean that you genuinely love that person. You can also really like or enjoy the company of someone but it doesn't mean that you love them. Loving goes beyond liking and involves making the conscious decision to always make sometimes difficult choices that in the end will be the best for you and your significant others in the good and bad times. Thus, in mathematical terms sometimes the following are true:
Liking  =  Selfishness
Loving =  Selflessness
Just think about it  today.

Learning about Yourself

Have you ever asked yourself why you have the friends you have? Why do you like the foods you like? Why do you like the music you like? Why you dress the way you dress? By doing some inner reflection about different facets of your life with the help of some trusted people you will be surprised about how much you can learn about yourself. We all have the moments where we are so caught up in trying to understand the way that others act...the one thing that we tend to disregard a lot of times is ourselves. We need to have a better understanding ourselves and never cease to learn about ourselves in order for us to be able to orient our lives in a manner that is most appropriate.

Hidden Talents are Within You

Do you think that you have exhausted all your talents? Do you think that you are only suited to excel in one area? It is easy for such thoughts to enter our minds because of the pressure that people feel to excel in only one area. You might have some hidden talents in you that have never been developed yet. Some of our hobbies and other activities are sometimes the tiniest hints of where our other potential talents might lie. So take time today to reflect on what areas of yourself you could work on and tadaaaaa....Of course, bring some new talent to the world!

Taking Risks The Right Way

Sometimes when I think of risk takers, dare devils pop up in my mind. I don't know a lot of people who are dying to be dare devils. This is not surprising because a lot of people enjoy remaining within  their comfort -zones that offer them a false sense of satisfaction. Like who doesn't enjoy the security of knowing that their plan will likely work? I think a lot of people would say that they would enjoy such a prospect. The bigger question is; Does such monotonous predictability and safety allow us to grow? Of course, it doesn't because if we aren't trying to do or see things in different ways we are not growing. So if you want to grow then you have to pay the price of stepping into the unknown and take calculated risks a day at a time.

Knowing Your History

I know a lot of people who claim that history is senseless and useless. Such comments and many others have made me wonder whether it is really possible to move forward without a sense of the past. How can someone know what they are supposed to do without knowing what has happened before? The answer to this question and many others shows that if people do not understand their history they can be more likely to do things in a similar productive or unsuccessful manner that that was done before. Nobody wants to waste time so try your best to understand the history of any and everything before you move into the present and future.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Paradox of No Money and Too Much Money

There are so many paradoxes in life. Why do some of the saddest people happen to be rich? Why do some of the happiest people happen to have a little financial wealth? And of course these people with little want to eventually have does that mean that they want to eventually be sad? Of course not. In spite of these paradoxes it is important for individuals to expose themselves to both sides of financial stories. A healthy exposure whether lived individually or lived through the experience of another can definitely help people to learn to not allow an abundance or lack of money to determine their happiness.

A Reserve of Positive Energy

A  lot of things that we do begin with a thought. Some of these thoughts seem to be so outright from our head but some seem to have come from a hidden place even after many years. The mind is just an amazing area to explore. We cannot exhaust our knowledge of the human mind but with the little that we know it is obvious that our thoughts play our part in influencing our actions. So don't surround yourself with negative information. Find ways to see the positive in the negative every day because you never know when you will need that reserve of positive energy.

Sick children need our help

Sickness is something that  the human race has to encounter every day. Some of these illnesses are preventable while others are maybe unfortunately not at the present. The sad fact is that there are still many young children dying around the world from different diseases. These young children have not even experienced the fullness of life. If it is in your heart try to find  a way to help sick children in your community and around the world. And yes, be grateful for the health of many children in your life. 

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Attitude makes the difference

Are women the only one with attitudes? Are women from particular cultures the only one with "attitudes"?  These are some no-brainer questions which have huge implications. Well everyone does have an attitude and it can be bad or good. There is something amazing about how a person's attitude can even sometimes influence how people view them physically. I think that people with great attitudes can even be seen as more physically attractive than others who have bad attitudes. There are a tonnes of quotes about this observation and I won't even got into sharing them. Nevertheless, whatever or whoever you are just remember that it is not enough to focus on bettering the external you while forgetting the internal you which determines your attitude.

How to have peace in a crazy world?

Every day something happens on a national or international level that causes people to feel worried, angry, mad and even resentful. This chaos even sometimes enters our other more personal relationships with families or partners. There is not one sure way to find peace. Even in times of chaos one technique might not work. We have to learn to understand ourselves better in order to get strength and remain sane in a crazy world. Don't ignore what disturbs you...confront it and then find a way to develop muscles that will help you  to experience peace in the midst of a crazy world.

Is there such a thing as constructive jealousy or envy?

Everyone seems to have their own definition of what jealousy or envy means. I think that to some extent both of them have over-lapping meanings. One way to put  that is at the root of both of these attitudes there is this idea of "I want what you got...I am not happy that you have that instead of me." Both of these seem to stem from a  deep seated "me" attitude. Like seriously why are we are always over-concerned with ourselves? No easy answers  here but if you struggle with jealousy or envy or know someone that does then try to help them channel their energies into being more generous and less self-centred...then of course wait and see what happens.

Judging others or yourself is no is the cultivating ground for limitation.

Every day we meet people with different kinds of experiences. What causes us to judge some of them and not to do the same to others? I think looking deeply and honestly into yourself can give you a hint of why you are possibly judging others. For the most part, if you are extremely judgmental towards yourself you might end up subtly judging others as harshly. Judging others or yourself is no is the cultivating ground for limitation. Let go and be more open to different ideas and you will see the difference.

Putting aside the Hidden Selfishness and Arrogance Manifested in Communication

Every culture has its own ideas of how much someone should talk. I think to some extent it is possible to say that in a number of certain cultures it is a given that over-speaking is not cool. In fact, it is not healthy. Weird? But let us think of it this way...why are you dominating the conversation in the first place?  Why don't you listen as much so you can learn something? Basically, it is important to put aside hidden selfishness and arrogance when it comes to communication and be as generous with speaking as well as listening. Let us strive to have healthy communication and just like physical health it does take exercising before you get the muscles  of healthy communication.

Thinking ahead about your health today can help to influence your current health decisions

Health is one of the most important needs in life. It is not only the absence of diseases internally and externally but the presence of  continuing vibrancy in one's different body dimensions. Most of the time a couple of us hardly bother thinking about our health...we just want to under-eat or over-work ourselves. Our bodies hardly ever appreciate this because they long for balance. So it is important for us to check ourselves and invest in our future health. Thinking ahead about your health today can help to influence your current health decisions.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Starting and Finishing in Style

No matter where you begin when doing thing always begin with an idea of how you want the end to be. It is not enough to just start and continue. Begin planning today on how you want to finish up doing something. Don't let a strong beginning be destroyed by a weak ending. If you start in style then make efforts to ensure that you are daily paving a path that will lead to a strong finish.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Importance of Adversity

A lot of people go through different things in life. We don't always ask ourselves; "Why do good things happen to us or others?" It always seems to be easier to ask; "Why did these bad things happen?" But it is an interesting phenomenon that through hardships we can learn to be the best of best. In its essence, adversity can actually prepare us to be better equipped to help others in the future. So don't forget to make the best out of the worst and the best of the best in everything. If you look at things this way...either way you will be fine. Have a resourceful attitude today!

Reaching Out in Genuine Love

Life is so amazing. There are always so many interesting people out there to meet. If you feel your intuition telling you to do something great... just listen. As humans we are one of the most intelligent creatures in ways that we understand and don't even understand. And of course, love is one of the intelligent duties we are called for in our daily lives. So don't forget to love people around and afar in big and small ways. And yes this includes loving the unlovable which is a great test of love.


Thanks a lot everybody for reading this blog. I have really enjoyed sharing with you all my thoughts on life. I have made my 200th post in the last couple of days and have viewers from every continent in the world. Thanks a lot to everyone of you who has helped to make this blog a global hit in less than a year.
I am currently in the process of changing the design of my blog so please bear with me as I make some very important and necessary changes to the whole blog. In the meantime, I will keep posting quotes while updating the over-all look of the whole blog. Please, don't hesitate to contact me with any questions, suggestions, or comments you might have.
Peace and Love,

Falling is Normal...Get up Now

We need to be able to celebrate our accomplishments no matter what others may expect. We need to decide to get up. There is no use wallowing on the floor about how much time, energy, and resources we invested during our first attempt at something. So when you ever find yourself down just remember that getting up is an option. Don't stay down there.

Trying again and again

Who said trying something again is failure? Who said your first try should be your last try? What and who puts these messages in our minds? A lot of successful people did not always get their desired results the first time but thank God they tried again and again or else the world would lack a lot of things that we really treasure and enjoy. So go and try that which you vowed to do once.

Believe it Until......You Make it

I think I have always been given this advice in many ways by different important people in my life. I guess I just never got it until I slowly realized that our body language can sometimes even shape our inner reactions. In a nutshell, I realized that if we persist in seeing the positive in ourselves something great will emerge on the outer side of don't forget to believe you can do it until you make it if you are finding hard to believe in that one important person who is YOU!