Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Dominion of Fear

We all have something that scares us. It is not enough for us to identify our fears. We should find the root causes of our different fears. Thereafter, we can take big and small steps daily toward overcoming our fears. We should not let our fears dominate us.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Searching for Achievement

Achievement is not always there just naturally waiting to follow you after you complete a certain milestone. Always remember that achievement is an on-going process that you will have seek in different ways daily. So whatever your goal remember there might be more than one way to get there. You will never know unless you begin searching for it with all your might.

Shooting for the Score

Don't be afraid to try something new. Don't only try one thing. Try as many as you can. Stay focused and you will be surprised that you will not likely miss all of your shots. You might even 1 shot or a 1/2 a shot.  And if you miss all and fall  then get up and move on to the next one.

The Connection between Happiness and Gratitude

Happiness and gratitude are not always discussed together or their connection is not always clear. How many times have you heard someone saying that if you want to be happy than be thankful? Maybe not many times but have you ever wondered how sometimes the people with the worst situations are still happy? Well one of the answers is because of that one word....Gratitude.

Touching Heaven Through Gratitude

There will always be something to complain about. On the same note, there will always be something to be grateful about. So why not not invest in gratitude? After all, what will you lose by living out in gratitude to God and yourself?  Why not start touching heaven a bit at  a time today?

Life and you

Life is a beautiful gift. Don't wait for it to be taken from you or someone in order to appreciate it. So make the best of everyday and learn something new everyday that can help you to see life in a fuller way.

The Stars do Come Out

      There is something positive in everything and it not even about  being pollyannaish.  It is simply about the essence of life. Even in our down moments when our sun goes down the stars do appear. They appear even when you least expect them to. So don't forget to look for the stars in any areas of your life that are not currently in a state of bliss.

Pain Does End

When going through hard times take a break and remember that you are in  a training ground. You are not just in  a  position of despair for the sake of despair but you are there because you can grow from that challenge. So don't forget to keep the lesson that you learned from the pain ...remember it before the pain ends. And you will be glad that you did as reflection is a virtue of the wise.

Waiting for your Sun

The sun will rise and set everyday. Rise and set. It's a simple fact with a profound truth. So no matter what you are going through just remember that no matter how long it takes your sun will surely and truly come out and lighten your life. Yes it will because nature always fulfills her promise and allows the sun to shine.

We Must Face it All

Don't run away from your problems. Don't bury your head in the ground. You will not lose a thing by facing whatever issue is in your way. Even if you don't conquer it you will have still gained some perspective that will help you to have a better assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

The Beauty and Power of Hope

No matter what happens to you or to others don't lose the beauty of hope. In the time, that this world is plagued with all kinds of tragedies don't despair. Don't only count the negatives. Focus on the positives and foster hope.

Turning a Mistake into an Advantage

I have not yet met anyone who has never made a mistake. Mistakes are bound to happen. Nevertheless, we should not be content with simply acknowledging that we or someone else made a mistake. It's time for us to sit down and think about the what's, why's, when's and how's of the mistakes in order to make the best out of the worst.

Character and Love

Why is there so much negativity around marriage? Some people try to even avoid it. One of the roots of some marriage conflicts comes from one's character. The character of someone is something that if not studied well might cause potential problems. Everyone should seek to understand their own character in depth and that of their partner.

The Miracle of Friendship

Friendship is one of the most beautiful things in life. We should also be aware that there are many different kinds of friendship. You might not never know who are your true friends until you are in a time of need.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Making the Right Kind of Sacrifices

It is sometimes surprising to find out that you were unknowingly making many unneeded sacrifices in different parts of your life like your relationships, career, or academics. And it will happen very often if you don't keep track of what you want and need for yourself and others on a daily basis. So just make sure that you are daily making the types of sacrifices that you won't regret many years later.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ignoring people?

Life is so unpredictable  and we can't always know how and when things will change. In spite of that, we can prepare for change by making sure that we have  a strong  network of people around us. Don't just ignore people. Take time to get to know that person you've never said hi to. Take time to really listen to someone. Don't wait until the tables have turned to wish that you should have, could have or would have.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Climbing up there...where are you today?

I think a staircase is a great analogy of the thought processes that we go through as we attempt to pursue different things in our lives from career to even love. Regardless of what stage you are in just take a look at the staircase and be determined to move a step up closer towards your dream. Don't be satisfied just staying withing your comfort zone or comfort stair-step. Get up and move up.

Fakeness with people and money

 Have you ever heard of somebody comparing fake people to fake money. But yeah it's true  there are such similarities. So be aware of who you are surrounded by...make sure you have that light on in your head so you can know who is fake and who is genuine. Yeah fake money is useless and so are fake people.

Action and vision...Vision and Action

               Vision and action should go hand in hand. If we just have a vision and do nothing we will get nowhere or we won't get where we need to be; it will be a loss of time, energy, and resources. The opposite is also true in that we should not have unguided actions; our actions should be led by a vision and yes we got to take the stairs and not just dream of reaching the top.

Stairs and elevators on the way to success

There are not any shortcuts to success which are legitimate that I know of. You have to be ready to pay the price for your success. You have to walk each step at a time until you reach your destiny and rest if you must but keep going. Keep moving. There are not any elevators around.

Flying with crippled and un-crippled wings

Before learning to fly make sure that you have healthy wings and surround yourself with people who will become wings to you and not a weight. If you allow yourself to be surrounded by people with crippled wings who want to cripple you ...they will burden you to the ground. So don't forget to fly around those with strong wings and strengthen those who want to be strengthened so you all can fly together.

Learning to fly through life's challenges

We all like to imagine the thrill of  flying but flying is not just an event it is a process. All pilots have to undergo intensive training before they are allowed to fly. Even eagles have to learn to overcome any fears and fly. So if you wanna fly ...and fly up to the sky with your life and dreams; don't forget to take time to learn to fly a day at a time. 

Gravity-defying dreams and dreamers

We all have all kinds of dreams and sometimes we feel like we shouldn't even have certain kinds of dreams in the first place. But don't be afraid to dream the wildest dreams. Who knew a thousand years ago that the world would become like a small village due to airplanes and internet? We can safely say no one. So let no one and not even yourself to belittle your dreams.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Listen to him

How many times have we all heard the same message in many ways from different people? And what message? That one word...Listen. It sounds very easy but in this busy world full of Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and everything else we get accustomed to just speaking and never stepping back for even a second to listen to the men we love in our life. So don't forget to step back and listen.

Do what you got to do

It is always good to have a plan A and all the way to a plan Z. It might sound like nonsense but along the way you might be surprised how drastically things change and that is when you have to remember to move on. Do what you have to do and don't let the undo-able things which were a part of your original plan to stop you.

Wishes & Hopes .....Goals & Plans

In all that you desire to ever be...go for it but be careful that you don't end up simply having wishes and hopes. Go beyond what the average person would do and make goals and plans that will turn your wishes and hopes into realities.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The potential of scary and big dreams

Who said we have to dream only about the doable? If we are dreaming about the doable should it even be called a dream? Maybe not. So if you are in for the challenge of dreaming big...look inside of you and outside of you and strive to pursue the wildest and scariest dreams that cross your mind. Then what's next? Be strategic by doing things daily that will lead to your dreams becoming a reality in your lifetime or in the future.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Saying bye

We are always meeting people everywhere we go and sometimes we get so comfortable. There is nothing wrong with that. But we should also prepare ourselves for saying goodbye to these people. So don't take anyone for granted who walks into your life...treat them well so that you can have the strength and peace to say goodbye when it is time for farewells.

In Pursuit of Wisdom

As we live a day at a time we sometimes feel a part of us thirsting for knowledge and not only that but wisdom. But we should not let that feeling end there...we should find ways to practice what we think is wise. It may be bitter but it is a sure way to do a self-evaluation of yourself in order to know how wise you have become.