Thursday, October 31, 2013

Learning to Love Yourself

Do you know that at the end of the day you have to accept you for you. You don't have to be more or less in order for you to accept yourself. Love yourself and it will radiate to those around you.

Try Again

Have you tried once and failed? There is a beauty in trying a second time. You will be more prepared and you never know what miracle can occur. Don't be afraid to try again.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to Set Goals

You don't have to know what you want to do for the next five or ten years. We all think differently. Just have a plan and remember to work your way through it while figuring out what to align as short term or long term goals. Don't just worry yourself about things that are bound to happen in the future because change is inevitable.

Mental Slavery and You

Have you ever heard  the term "new age slavery?" A lot of people are talking about how slavery goes on nowadays but in hidden ways. Physical slavery is detrimental and needs to be fought ...and for those who are now free from it, just make sure that you are also free from mental slavery.

Are you Too Independent?

You might pride yourself on being independent. And you think that you are Mr. or Miss. Independent...well it is good to have a healthy level of independence but don't forget that you need others. Did you know that sometimes being over-independent is basically like stealing the independence of others? Sometimes if you are too independent you might be stealing the opportunities for someone else to independently do something for you. So yeah don't overdo the independence thing.

Are you a Hypocrite?

You might say that you don't like noise but yet you are the most noisiest person. Isn't it hypocritical to expect something from others while you are not doing that very thing? The noise example is just a simple way to think of it but there are many angles to the idea of being hypocritic. All in all,  you have to check yourself and figure out what you want the most from others and find ways to give it to other people.

Watch Your Words

Examine the way you speak. Are you always negative about your life? Do you also impart that tone when talking to others about their lives? Stand back and stop. You have no right to damage your life with your negativity nor do you have the right to do that to someone else. Choose positivity today

Dreams Still Come True

You need to be happy when others are happy. It does not matter whether it directly affects you or not. You don't have to wait for something sad in order to bond with someone. Try bonding with someone who is already at the top because they are proof that hope is alive and dreams still come true.

Learning to Chill

Have you ever realized that you were blindly doing something? How did you feel in that moment? You might have told yourself that you could have done better. That is true but it is also true that no matter how much effort you put there is always more that you could be just chill.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Reasons to Sleep

Why do you sleep? Sleep is a time to relax and re-charge. If you are using sleep to avoid your problems then you are misusing it. You have to make sure that you only sleep when you have to. If you just sleep regardless of whether your tired or not, then the things in your life will also begin to take on a soporific state.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Being an Original You

What makes you happy? Do you still do what makes you the most happy? Don't punish yourself by living a life that you aren't meant to. Try your best to stay true yourself because true happiness comes from living your life while being true to yourself and allowing others to do the same.
# Be an original today

The Resilience of the Human Spirit

Life is full of changes although as humans we crave stability. The beauty of the human spirit is that we can adapt to the changes at hand. Remember that you being alive alone is a miracle and a sign that you can find some resilience to carry you through tough times.

How to Overcome Failures

What makes you think you are not better than them?
Who told you that you can't do what many have done?
Who or what is not the whole question...the question is what will you now do about it?

The Meaning of Friendship

What does the word friendship mean to you? Is it someone who can count on you always? Or is it someone you can also count on? Be aware of one sided friendships and in general relationships. If you find out that you are always the giver then you might be in a one sided friendship. Step back and re-define your social circle because you will need someone to lean on when you fall.

What does true friendship mean to you?

Dealing with the Fear of Death

Remember that everyday is special and no one is promised tomorrow. Don't let your fear of death cause you to stop living. Use your fear of death to make every single day meaningful for yourself and others.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Part 3: The Hardest Lesson I Have Yet To Learn

I then got the strength to confront my mother about  her plastic surgery addiction. This was a real problem in my family but no one wanted to face her. Many years had gone by and my mother had gone from place to place changing every part of her body. After every surgery she would come out even more dissatisfied. One day she said, "Shira why are you staring at me like that?" I then said, "I always look at you this way everyday." She didn't believe me in then burst into tears. I then took her in my arms as she then sobbed, "Shira Shira I know you are not proud to have me as your mother. I am not even proud of myself but could you please forgive me?" I remained silent and puzzled but I let her continue. She then said, "I have struggled with accepting myself for the longest time ever. This is the hardest lesson I have yet to learn. I have made a promise to myself to not get another plastic surgery procedure ever again. Can you please help me keep that promise?" I looked at her and said "Of course, I will. I am your daughter and I love you and I would do any and everything for you."

I actually could have never told my mother those words if she had asked me that many months ago. I  even shocked myself. What happened to me?  I then remembered that even though I had always felt like my parents didn't love me...they didn't have to love me in order for me to love them. I loved me and I accepted me and that is all that mattered. That is why I will never forget the summer I turned 17.

 End of the Story.

Here are the other parts of the story:

Part 1: The Hardest Lesson I Have Yet To Learn

Part 2: The Hardest Lesson I Have Yet To Learn

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Irony in Life

Life is so ironic. Sometimes your worst enemy  can become your closest friend and the opposite is also true. Don't just disrespect people around you because of who they are today. Be wise and know that the way things are today will not always be the same.

Part 2: The Hardest Lesson I Have Yet To Learn

I never thought that I was beautiful until the day that I met the true me in the mirror. I realized that although I did not fit within the standards of what society defined as beautiful ...I was beautiful just as me in my own way. Yes, every inch of my skin, vessels, hair, and yes the spirit that resided in me. I then got the strength to confront my mother about...

Part 3 To be Continued...

Birthing Your Dreams

What makes you the most nervous? Are you holding off learning to do something? Are you stopping yourself from creating a business? Do you know no one can stop you better than you? You have to go against yourself and birth your might be painful but it will be worth it.

Zero to Hero

When you are down, don't focus on your current position. Think about your destination. You may be at zero today but it doesn't always mean that you will be there. Exercise focus and humility and one day the tide will turn and you will make it from being at zero to a hero.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Power of the Mind

What are you feeding your mind with? Do you know how powerful your mind is? It is so powerful that it may even do things that you are not aware of. With that in mind, remember to nurture your intellect as the fruits of what you have been feeding your brain will come to pass.

How To Have Positive Thoughts

Why is pessimism so attractive? Even young children pick up on it and can act that way if their parents are like that. You have to remind yourself that you consciously don't want any negativity. Make it your goal to see the light in the midst of the tunnel.

The Importance of Cultural Identity

You have to know yourself...and not only you. You have to understand where your people are from. If you lose a sense of your history and personal identity then you are missing out on finding your life purpose. So take time to do some exploring about your cultural identity and more. Culture is not a bad thing just be wise and take the meat and leave out the bones.

Loving The Person You Are

Do you know yourself well enough? Would you like to be your own best friend or lover? We are always so quick to judge others and relieve ourselves of the blame. But true change can only occur when you begin to work within yourself. So the next time you find yourself being extremely judgmental just remember that you better be hard on yourself first.

Part 1: The Hardest Lesson I Have Yet To Learn

Nobody understood me. All I wanted to do was feel wanted. My parents never had time for me. The only solace that I found was in music. Whenever, I listened to music, I felt like I was in a world that could comfort and understand me. I was like any other pre-teen as I was into boys and my looks. I never thought that I was beautiful until the day that I met.......

Part 2 To be Continued...

Confessions of a Control Freak

I used to want to have everything planned out for even 10 years down the road. This was especially in regards to my career and marriage. It wasn't about the specific place, car, house, or clothes that I wanted to own.

That sort of life was tiring and soon ended in college after I realized that the inevitable will occur no matter what. I ended up changing my major and career goals. I even changed the age that I planned to get married at. And you know what? It's okay. I have learned that it is good to plan ahead but don't let that stop you from exploring other opportunities.

I am not the same person who walked into college...I am now a new me although at the end of the day I am me.


Story From A Reader of

Choosing a College Major

You don't have to know your major before getting into college. It's okay to have an idea of areas that you are interested in but don't use those interests of yours as a hedge. Be open about what subjects truly interest you and that you are capable of succeeding in and have fun while your at it.

How To Motivate Yourself in College

There are times when you might not feel motivated to get certain things done. A good example is college students and schoolwork...yeah sometimes you don't see the point of studying for that horrible class. Life is so ironic and you will be surprised that one day that information can help you in an amazing if you are finding hard to focus atleast remember that.

How to Be an Original You

Don't think that you have to do things a certain way. It is good to observe and learn from what others do but after that you have to do some customization. Remember there can only be one you who can get things get done in certain way. So live your life to the full in your own shoes.

How To Lead Effectively

As a leader make sure that  it's not all about you. Take time to let every member know that you genuinely care for them. If you claim that you are called to be a leader then remember that it's a call to love people and help them be the best.

Giving Second Chances

Don't we all like getting second chances? Yes we do but we are not always so willing to return the favor to others. Take some time to ask yourself who might be needing some forgiveness or encouragement from you. Yeah you know who that is...just give them a second chance.

A List of Good and Bad Things

Take a minute and think of all the bad things that have happened this month. Then write out how they have affected you. After that make a promise to yourself that you want to leave those things behind so they won't stop you from enjoying life. Thereafter, try to make a list of good things that have happened to you that will be double the bad things. Then make another promise to yourself, but this time remind yourself that you will try your best to focus on good things daily.

Trading Your Life

What would you trade today if given a magical opportunity to get whatever you want? Okay your one minute is up and we are back to reality. Why did you want to give up that aspect of your life? Think a little harder and remember that sometimes you are better off with what you already have and work on it.

The Law of Investment and Returns

What is going on in your life right now? Are things going bad  with your relationships or work life? One thing you have to remember is that the old adage is still true that you will reap what you sow. So if you waste your time investing in useless things the returns will show up in your's that simple of a law.

The Dangers of Jealousy

Why don't you celebrate when someone succeeds? Why do you get mad when someone gets what you have wanted for so long. Life is weird with its ups and downs and jealousy is not the way to go. It will just pull you down where you don't want to be. Learn to celebrate others success and it will make your life better even if for a second as you rid yourself of your selfishness.

How To Accept Yourself

Why do you want something that isn't yours? Why do you want someone's looks, job, grades, clothes, or more? Do you know that you are perfect just the way you are? Learn to accept yourself because no matter how much you have you will be envious if you never remedy your heart with self-acceptance.

Getting Rid of Greed

Why do you think you need more than you do? If you have so much in whatever possessions, why don't you give some away? Don't just be a taker always; abandon greed and learn to be a giver.  #Giving Heart

Reasons We Become Exhausted

We sometimes get weary because we don't take time to rest before we get tired. Another common reason, is because we don't stop to celebrate our accomplishments...we don't even share our victories. If we don't do all of that and more how do we expect to remain inspired and rejuvenated? #Celebrate  Today!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why Do You Read?

Do you read in order to say you just read something? Or do you read so that can you learn about life. Why are some of us so keen to read gossip about celebrities? What if we invested that time in reading books that could actually change our lives? Why not start reading about books that could improve your relationships, style, career and more? It's never too late to start.

Reasons We Exist....Dare To Live Fully

Sometimes you might feel like your life is becoming meaningless. You just find yourself barely getting by everyday and you do things simply because they are in your routine. Why do agree to merely exist? Hasn't there got to be more to life? Ask yourself what you are lacking....ask yourself what you need to find in order to feel fulfilled everyday.

The Importance of Adapting

Do you hate it when things don't go that one way you planned? Don't fret just try to get what you need done in another way. One of the laws of nature is adapting which is similar to flexibility. You need to learn how to quickly study your environment so you can use it to your advantage. If a bear knows when to chill and hibernate you should also know how to make the best out of the worst winters in your life...just don't panic.

Reasons to Not be Afraid

Don't be afraid? What if your mom was afraid to have you where would you be? What if those who support you were afraid to where would you be? When was the last time fear opened a door for you? Maybe not even once so when you feel afraid remember that fear is not your ally.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Being Bold

What makes you think you can't before you do something? Why do you use your past performance to predict your future? You have to learn to make sure that your present and past don't negatively dictate your future. Be bold and tread on new waters....the rewards will be great even if you seem to fail based on humanly standards.

How to Have an Active Mind

Are there times when you feel confused? It's not a bad thing. At least, it shows that you are weighing different options. Keep thinking and you will be surprised that your mind will arrive where it needs to be for the time being. Don't just entertain an idle mind that is never confused as it doomed for rigid dullness.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to Be Altruistic

What makes you the happiest? Why do you only want it for yourself? Why don't you try to give that happiness you most desire to someone else? Take time to think about  others than will always have you but not always others.

Reasons People Are Ungrateful

Have you ever thought about how wonderful it is that you can see, smell, touch, and more?  As humans we easily take for granted what has never been taken away from us or those close to us. Don't wait to be grateful after realizing you no longer had what you finally value.

How to Become Independent

There are times when you want to give it up. It sometimes seems like the most logical decision. Why? Because each and everyone you counted on is not there and they don't even care about you. All of this doesn't mean you are to quit. Rather it is a time to pick yourself up...dust yourself and develop some independence.

Minimizing Stress Throughout Life

Timing is everything. There are somethings that are harder to get done once you are in another life stage.  For example, it is almost inarguable that it is challenging to get your college degree when you have a big family to take care of. This is just one of many examples but all in all just always do things strategically so that you can minimize the stress on the way to your dreams.

Embracing Your Feelings

Have you ever felt sad for no apparent reason? Maybe you have but then again there might be times that you were happy and didn't know how to explain it. Sometimes we have to learn to be patient with understanding ourselves. Don't waste your life over-analyzing life and embrace the different feelings you face.

Self-control and External Challenges

What makes you want to wake up every morning? Is it money, your friends, your family? It may not be one thing as it may depend on what is your primary motivational force. But whatever it is don't let that motivating factor control you...learn to control your life and be happy even in the midst of external challenges.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Living your Life

We are sometimes so obsessed with other peoples' life. A healthy dose is reasonable but don't get to the point where you have neglected your own. At the end of the day, you have to make sure that you are taking care of you before putting your nose in other peoples' business.

The Law of Karma

Always be on the lookout for recurring patterns in your life. There are sometimes things we do that come back to us. It's one of those laws of life. So take a look at what you put out there.

Part 10: Jedidiah's and Hope's decision

After seven years, Hope and Jedidiah married. By that time she was an adolescent medicine specialist  and he was a lawyer. And even Damon had overcome his problems with alcohol. Aime and Amon who were the twins they were blessed with after a year of marriage were also showered with all the love in the world. The interesting thing is that Jedidiah had learned the power of patience and faith after waiting for Hope to get done with university and then begin a family. 

Part 9: Jedidiah's and Hope's decision

While eating their doughnuts and tea, Jedidiah cleared up his throat and gave Hope a present. It was an adolescent encyclopedia and it was the latest edition. "Thanks Jedidiah, you're so caring and special and may God bless you!" He paused for what seemed like a million seconds and then said, "You too Hope and I hope that it equips you in your work helping troubled teenagers meet Christ. You know what Hope. I love you and I want us to be together. She stared at him as if she was lost in an endless ocean. "Oh Jedidiah that's such a big decision to think about now...we have only known each for three months". He was prepared for her answer and simply said, "That's fine, all in all  my prayer is that God's will is done whenever you are done seriously thinking this through".

Part 8: Jedidiah's and Hope's decision

They soon met on the way to the cafe. "Oh how coincidental !", exclaimed Hope. "Just as how we both happened to have spent our childhoods in Africa but now we're living our adult lives abroad" Jedidiah said. She smiled to herself as he spoke as she thought about him and how he never got tired of connecting and relating thoughts, things, and basically everything. Of course, this made sense because he was studying law. When they got in, the waitress took their orders and it seemed like forever to Jedidiah as he was thinking of how to express his deepest feelings to the object of his heart who seemed clueless.  It was if him and Hope had unconsciously agreed to get to know each other and never rush things that could easily brew between the opposite sex.

Part 7: Jedidiah's and Hope's Decision

Hope expected to get the position in some secret and passionate part of her soul, so when she was informed after a week that she had gotten the job, she gave thanks to God believing it was His will. She also shared the good news with Jedidiah later that day. He was very happy and invited her to have dinner  with him at Kingston cafe. She was excited and spent some time finding something stunning but simple that would accentuate her natural and beautiful curves. 

Part 6: Jedidiah's and Hope's decision

Some months later Hope headed to the offices of Derby magazine. She was feeling refreshed and confident although she had a job interview in a matter of minutes.  She had always dreamed of this job. Working on an advice column for teenagers was all she had always wanted to do. She had always been fascinated by teenagers and their problems and she wanted to help them lead godly lifestyles. The interview went well and they were all impressed  by her vast knowledge of knowledge of adolescents  physically, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually. In the end, out of the a thousand women who applied, Hope got the job.

Part 5: Jedidiah's and Hope's decision

Jedidiah was a tall, medium built man of Indian ancestry was a candle in Hope's dark world. The day they met for the first time,  Hope was in the public library unsuccessfully trying to read. She was just about to leave her eyes caught a sympathetic smile on a familiar face.She was sure she had seen him somewhere although most of her childhood was spent in a Tanzanian village. Jedidiah moved closer, "Hello miss!". "Hello", she replied and went on to say "Excuse me, but have we met before?" "I'm not sure but what's your name?". "Uh-h Hope", she said. "It's a pleasure to meet you and I'm Jedidiah", he said. From then on, Jedidiah and Hope shared a common understanding bond.

Part 4: Jedidiah's and Hope's decision

"I gotta be real smart for today", Hope told herself. "Good morning Ms. Willis", cheerfully said her neighbor. "Oh good morning to you too. What a beautiful day this is!".  "It sure it gets better everyday, considering that God mixes up blessings and curses in life", commented Mrs. Lobulu. "That's true", thought Hope, because she had remembering how on one very sad day, when she was feeling so lonely and depressed, she met Jedidiah. He came at just the right time in her life.

Part 3: Jedidiah's and Hope's decision

Hope tried to remember when days were better and she and her family spent blessed times together. She remembered playing games with her brothers but for now they were all so far away from her. Her eldest brother Tyrell was in Taiwan  and Alonzo the youngest was in Sweden. She then began to wonder how her mom and dad were getting on without them, but concluded that they must be fine even without them because  it was just the two of them before they all came along. She then went to bed.

Part 2: Jedidiah's and Hope's Decision

"Oh...finally he's gone", Hope told herself. It wasn't that Hope was unable to let her cousin in, but she was just so tired and confused. Tired because no matter how hard she tried to convince Damon to stop drinking, the stubborn he became and the worse he got. Apart from that, the more the days went by the tougher Hope's life got as far as she could recall at her tender age of twenty two years.

Part 1: Jedidiah's and Hope's Decision

It was kind of late at night around 12:30am. "Hey, Hope! open up your door", Damon said. Hope heard but she pretended but she pretended not to hear because she was so upset, that all her plans were destroyed. She wanted to go down to the living room to get some time reminisce on the day's event. "Hope, I know you're awake Hope!!!". Damon knocked on the door of Hope's upstairs apartment, he shared with her. He then gave up.

Get off the Internet

In this day and age we spend a lot of time on the internet doing everything. You know the list...facebooking, pininteresting, tweetining, instagramming, blogging and the list goes on. None of this can replace human contact. Spend less time on these social networks as much as you can and focus on developing real relationships with the people right in front of your door step.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Relaxing and Reflecting

Sometimes we learn more by stepping back. There are times when you think you will get ahead by being at the front. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn't so don't be afraid to take a step back. Relax and reflect and let things unfold.

Walking into your Future Backwards

What is the most important thing to you right now? Sometimes you don't have to think about the next hour or day. Just ask yourself what needs to get done now and today so that the future is better. Walk into your future but doing by going backwards and doing things that will birth your desired end.

A Reason to not Sleep

Sometimes we use sleep in order to ignore things. If you are sleeping a lot ask yourself what you are trying to avoid. Sleep when you need to and not excessively because Ukilala Mambo Yako Yatalala meaning that if you sleep, your purpose will also sleep.

Fear of Pain

Why are you are afraid of pain? Pain births things. A simple example is how life begins. It starts with pain for the mother and the child too who is uncomfortable with the new environment. So go in the direction of your dreams and don't be afraid of pain.

What Makes You Tick?

How would you describe yourself in one word? How do you think your loved ones would in one word?  What about your enemies? The key is that you have to know thyself in and out. Don't be afraid to explore who you are or what you are. I think I tick because I am passionate. What about you all my readers?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What are you Living for?

Are you living for your parents? Are you living for your significant other? When will you start living for yourself? There has to be a healthy balance between sensible altruism and concern for your loved ones and your life purpose. Don't be afraid to distance yourself from those who want to force you to live your life their will regret it. It is better to be alone and live life according to your own standards # Own Yourself Today!

The Dangers of Self-centredness

The world revolves around you. All you want is the best for you. You don't even care about how it will affect the well being of your loved ones. If that some or all of that sounds like you then you are dancing with self-centredness.  Just remember that humans weren't made to live alone. Sometimes people will even go crazy if they are put away from other humans so take time to interact with others and get out of your bubble of self-centredness.

Welcome to Ask Amor Advice Column

Feel free to ask me questions about anything at I am more than ready to help you out to the best of my ability and of course I won't post your question without your permission.

Welcome once again to Amor's Advice Column.

Finding True Friendship

Finding a true friend is one of the world's hardest tasks. Being a true friend is also just as difficult. At the end of the day just be a friend to everyone even if no one is really a friend to you...but don't despair as one day true friendship can find you.

How to Deal with Academic Challenges

There are times when things don't work out even after you have put your best foot forward. It could happen in elementary school, college, university, or anywhere. Here are some things to remember if your grades or any academic challenges make you doubt your career choice.
  • Most people change their careers many times throughout their lives so you can change your classes too if possible
  • Ask yourself what is at stake if you decide to stay or leave a certain course of study
  • Ask yourself whether there are other similar career fields in which you could find satisfaction and then tailor your academic schedule to include those courses

How to Deal with Feelings of Unappreciation

Sometimes you might feel like you are unappreciated and misunderstood. One hard thing to understand is that appreciation is something rare in this day and age. You yourself might sometimes be forgetting to thank significant people in life. So instead of waddling in self-pity about being unappreciated then convert that energy into thanking as many people as you can who have played big and small roles in your livelihood.

Education for the Sake of Education

Do you just want to get an education for the sake of an education? Don't simply study something for the sake of studying if you have other options. Find ways to learn more about yourself so you can increase your intellect and who knows???...maybe add something substantial to a certain field within or outside your niche.

Your Thoughts Shape Your Life

Do you sometimes wonder why you have ended up doing things that you later regretted? It's all about your thoughts. If you allow your mind to feed enough on whatever it is then at a certain point your life will manifests what you have knowingly and unknowingly been allowing to become a part of you.

Initiating Goodness in the Absence of Reciprocation

Have you found yourself sometimes wondering why doesn't someone do something good for me? A good question to ask yourself after that is; Why don't I take the initiative and keep doing good? You don't have to wait for a payback when you are doing good. Never look back. Just keep doing good works. Direct reciprocation is not always a given.

The Writing is On your Heart

Some of us might be over-familiar with the expression  that says The Writing is on the wall. Well sometimes the writing is on your heart. There are times that you can sense that certain things are not alright. Do not ignore what your heart is alerting you about. Listen to your mind as well as your heart.

Respect is Not a Commodity

We don't always think about it but respect is a big thing. People need to feel respected before they respect you and there is not a single definition for respect. Everybody needs respect in a different way and you can't buy respect in a store like a commodity as a Swahili proverb says Heshima ni kitu cha bure.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Tribute to Nyerere

Not as many people may know Nyerere as those who know Mandela or Iddi Amin. Nevertheless, although his fame outside Tanzania or Africa is not big and a movie hasn't been made about him yet...there is no denying that he was the epitome of local and global leader. The seeds of love and peace that he planted in Tanzania and across the world will forever spread and grow.

In Memory of Nyerere's 14th Death Anniversary on 14th October 1999.

Watch the Company you Keep

If you want to get somewhere in the future then look who is around you. If you are surrounded by cynical people you are setting yourself up for stagnation. Learn to inspire the cynical and negative people but take a break too and find people who think like you and are even smarter than you. You need as many knives around you so you can be the sharpest knife on the shelf.

Enough is Enough...To the Victims

It's time to stop blaming others for your failures. It's time to grow up and take full responsibility for what has happened and will ever happen in your life. Making yourself a victim of your circumstances is a sick and contagious mentality that will keep you defeated your entire life even when you have the opportunity to be a victor.

Giving Yourself A Pep Talk

There are times that you want to do something but never start. It is always easier to stop yourself from starting then beginning. Sometimes you need to give yourself a pep talk. Stand up.  Start where you are.

Managing Money

Some people think money is evil. I beg to differ and I will instead say money can be an agent of evil. On the other hand, if you don't allow money to tarnish your spirit you can use it to invest in causes that will highly benefits many people at a local and global level who need that money to get food, education, housing, health, and more. If you want money to not be evil then spend your time looking for people who are hardworking and can put that money to good use. Don't allow yourself to make money that you can't manage.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lovingly Correcting Your Loved Ones

Sometimes we allow ourselves to be mistreated. Why would you let a loved one treat you less than you deserve if you know you deserve more? Do you know that allowing them to nor treat you well is something that might replicate in other relationships? Love your loved ones enough to the extent where you have the liberty to lovingly correct them.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Confronting your Fears

Have you ever been afraid of something because you thought you would turn into it? The key is not to ignore your fears you have to confront your fears. If you don't face your fears you might become your fears or live a lifeless life which is entrapped by fear.

Great Friends and Good Food

When was the last time you sat down with some great friends while having some good food? Just as much as we need good food to nourish our bodies we also need great friends to nourish our souls. Take a pause from your busy schedule today and spend it with some great friends.

Loving Different People

People will always be different whether its about their race, sexuality, religion, or something. Difference isn't a reason to hate. If you don't understand someone different from you it is better to remain silent than to speak up and hurt a fellow human.

The Importance of A Spiritual Home

Some people think that humans are merely bodies. If that were the case then all humans would really need would be food. To the contrary, we don't only need food...we also need faith, hope, love, and more. All of this shows that humans have spirits so don't neglect finding a spiritual home that can nurture you.

The Power of Goodness

Some people find it hard to see the good in the midst of bad things. We have to remember that bad and good things will always happen. The key is to be grateful and futuristic. If you are thankful for the remaining good and set your eyes on the coming good that can be done in the future then you are on the right track.

How to Find Love

Do you want to be loved? Start by loving yourself. If you don't love yourself you might not choose the right person to love you how you need to be loved. So love others and be wise enough to find the balance between loving yourself, others, and your potential significant other.

The Perfect Time To Be Nosey

Why would somebody want to end their life? When does someone realize  that life isn't worth it? These aren't easy questions but on the way to finding these answers we can learn to exercise love. Don't ignore people who look like they need help. Get into their lives even if you risk being labelled nosey because you could be saving a life.

Finding Your Life Purpose

Why are you here on earth? Do you think that you are here just for yourself or your family? Remember that there are many people who have made life better by deciding to live for something bigger than themselves. Why not you?

Friday, October 11, 2013

Cherishing the Present and the Past

There are people from our past who if we listen to very carefully can help to shape our future. Sometimes we ignore certain people and view them as negligible aspects of our human experience. We are denying ourselves of life as we should cherish each and everyone from our present and past in different ways in order to grow.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bravery in the Face of Danger

How far would you go to stand up for what you believe in? Sometimes you never know until you are faced with danger...just ask Malala Yousafzai. This young lady stood up for education and paid for it with a gunshot. If she could be so brave against Taliban why can't you stand up for what you believe in and know is right?

Dealing with Rejection

We will all face rejection at one point or another in our lives. We might as well prepare ourselves to deal with rejection. It hurts but whether it is a person or school that rejects you ....remember that you have to accept yourself. If you accept yourself as you are it will lead you to a place where people will accept you. Don't fear rejection just fear not accepting yourself.

The Difference between Respect and Fear

There are times that we claim to respect certain people or things while we actually fear such things. A healthy amount of fear can sometimes help humans to stay on track. On the other hand, excessive fear is harmful as it can lead to one attempting to get through life by not understanding the true meaning of respecting another human in their entirety.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Your Thoughts Become Your Words

There have always been endless warnings about the power of the tongue. It is so paradoxical that it can move people to do evil or good knowingly or unknowingly. Make sure that you are filling your mind with the right things so that your talk can define your walk in a beautiful way.

The Blessing of Friendship

We sometimes let people or circumstances to make us form certain friendships. Such friendships will not be as genuine as the ones that you seek yourself. Choose your friends well and you will enjoy the beauty of human love. And don't forget that you have to always be ever-loving and forgiving.

Setting Your Own Marriage Standards

Sometimes we get carried away with trying to do every single thing that celebrities do. They are human just like us and have their weaknesses. Some people might have enjoyed modeling their life after Kris Jenner and Bruce Jenner but as you can the end of the day everyone has problems. Don't focus on trying to orient your marriage according to a reality tv show...focus on your marriage as it is and make it your reality.

Be A Blessing To Someone Today

Don't just wait to be blessed. Find ways to be a blessing to someone. You don't need money to bless someone...simply giving anything from the streams of your soul is a blessing. The world needs kindness more and more than money and other things. Play a part in today in returning the world to its humanity by being a blessing.

Treasure Your Blessings Before They Go

I wish that we could all have the ability to be grateful for what we have before it's gone. It is always so hard to do that especially when we are bombarded by images telling that we need more in order to be happy. You need to block out those images. Take a good look at yourself in and out just as you are and remember to thank God and others around for all you already have.

Believing in Children

Some people sadly give up on children within a minute of interacting with them. Children are complex and simple at the same time. They are like open books which reflect what they have been through. If a child tells you something be sure to believe them. Last but not least, remember that children are capable of changing. Don't stop believing in them. Be a positive influence and support for a child in hard circumstances today.

What is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

As time goes by we end up having different goals and dreams. At the end of the day, we have some accomplishments that remain engraved in our hearts, minds, and bodies. We need to think about why some accomplishments stand out more than others. Ask yourself that today and use the answers to get to make sure that you focus on valuable goals. 

Don't expect Respect

We sometimes expect people to respect us for  a number of reasons. For the most part, people won't respect you unless you give them a reason to. Be mindful of the way you carry yourself in private and public because the two will overlap significantly. If you want respect from those under or above you....earn it.

Giving Your Enemies Water

There are people in your life who are out to get and use you. What happens when you strike back? Well you end up down on their same level. Give it a break today and start doing random anonymous kind acts to your enemies and enjoy the difference. Give them some water.

Money can Buy you Happiness?

Every generation has its catch phrase. It looks all this current generation wants to be is happy. A number of people thinking that having more money that leads to more material possessions will make them happy. When did we lose our simplicity as humans and began to believe that money will make us happier than human relationships? Money is just a piece of paper that can do a lot of good if used well but it shouldn't be your source of happiness.

Silent Communication is also Communication

Do you always think of words and actions when it comes to communication? Well if you do it's important for you to realize that silence is also an important part of communication. There are times that people will say or do crazy things to you and your silence might be the only form of communication that can save you from their poison and maintain your sanity.

Money and Values...In the Name of Money

How far will you go in order to get money? Do you care or not whether your values are compromised in the process? Money is just about pieces of paper. You are worth more than paper and all the money in the world can't save you from regret at your deathbed or elsewhere. Think before you do whatever you do in the name of money.

How has your Education Changed your Life?

Some people say it's a waste of time to get a bachelors or graduate school degree or PhD. They would rather study to some level and then do other things. On the other hand, there are people who are eating the fruits of knowledge. We need to hear from you all so we can be inspired. What are some ways in which being educated has impacted you or those close to you?

Saying Goodbye is the Hardest Thing to Do

As humans we tend to prefer comfort and the familiar. We don't want to always be in the middle of a changing situation but we need to learn to adapt. There are times we need to grasp the courage to say bye to our bad habits, to our destructive friends, to that partner, and to much more. Take heart and it's better to say bye than to compromise and lie to yourself or others.

What Motivates You To Get Up Every Morning?

Do you just go through everything because you have to? Have you lost your drive? If that sounds like you look back and re-orient your life. Don't be content with simply existing. Make the most of the day and find reasons to get up and be the best you. Feel free to share some things that motivate you to get up every morning.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What to do after breaking a friendship?

Sometimes we don't intentionally want to break up our friendships. The truth is sometimes we unknowingly destroy the relationships that we treasure and cause people to abandon us. It's not the end of the world. If you mess up then apologize and if no one accepts it then move on. Sometimes our most painful moments lead us to a better destiny.

How to End a Relationship

Today I got asked about how was the best way to end a relationship. Well I remember thinking that it's important to recall how the relationship started. The way that a relationship begins plays a role in how it ends. Don't just stop calling or texting that person if that's not how you first ended up with them. If you met them through silence and uncertainly then feel free to exit that way  and if the opposite is true then depart in that way.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Ways to Increase your Focus

Focus is one of those short words that is so easy to say and yet so hard to do. In this world we are all guilty of lacking focus at one point or another in our thoughts, words, and even actions. If you don't focus you will hardly get anything done in an excellent manner. Stop lying to yourself that you got it. one thing at a time and do it well as your brain can only take so much.

Gratitude is a Winning Attitude

You might always have something to complain's a never ending cycle. Why not flip the script and determine to count your blessings in spite of the worst? Some of the happiest people aren't happy because they have everything. Some people are happy because they have learned the art of gratitude. Learn to openly express gratitude that translates into tangible verbal expressions and gracious acts.

Questions for Fathers

Who can be a father? Who deserves to be called one? To earn the fatherhood title you have to be more than a sperm donor...more than a house guest. Get involved in your child's life...get involved in the life of your child's mother. If all this sounds like nonsense then why not choose to not be a father and save communities from a wealth of trouble?

How to be Happy

I watched a documentary called "The Economics of Happiness" today. All in all, I have never seen a film that challenged my perspective on money, globalization, and happiness. You should check out this video if you can because it will remind you of the importance of finding your happiness within your historic identity. Happiness is only as far as you make it and as close as you make it. Just ask your grandparents.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

How to Learn From Your Past

Do you know that there is a lesson in everything if you search for it? If you say no then do you want to spend your life complaining about this and that going wrong? I guess not...being miserable is not fun in the long run because it sucks all the meaning out of life. Here are some ways to constructively deal with bad moments from your past:
  • Find ways to use these bad moments as ways to help you encourage people facing similar problems
  • Remember that you are an overcomer and that you now have muscles for any other events that come your way
  • Remind yourself that sometimes there is no growth without pain so you had to go through rough times in order to be tough

Ways to Deal with Your Pain

We all have faced pain at one time or another in our lives. Sometimes the pain comes back and haunts us even after many years. Here are some things to remember when such thoughts cloud your mind:
  1. The past is the past and can't be changed
  2. Forgive yourself if you caused the pain and re-new the forgiveness for any people who might have hurt you at that time
  3. Remind yourself about what you gained from such painful lessons

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Some Friendships are Temporary

You better not think that everyone in your life right now will be there forever. You might have some friends who you want to make into life-long friends but life has other plans. So don't be surprised when people grow out of you. Be loving and enjoy the present...don't expect anything in return and even if you are in the midst of temporary friendships you will be fine.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Doing What You Got To Do To Be The Best

Have you ever unknowingly skipped multiple meals? Have you ever missed two meetings in a row? If you have answered no to both or one of those questions then maybe you have never worked so hard in your life. I hate to break that to you but all of that happens. A lot of successful people are making sacrifices like that in the dark and that is why they are the becoming the best.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why to Believe in Yourself

Here are some to reasons to believe in you:
Because you are an awesome person
Everyday is proof that you are a living miracle
Living out your dreams  will needs your personal investment
Inspite of obstacles you can emerge victorious
Everyone can't do what you do how you do it
Victory is near but you need to own it
Energizing your inner self will lead to powerful public outcomes

Reasons to Keep Going When You Want to Stop

We all have our big and small goals. There is no doubt that we all will eventually face big and small challenges too. Sometimes an issue occurs that makes us almost want to give up. Here are some reasons to hold on:

  1. Challenges do not mean that we should change our goals
  2. Remember why the goal is important to you and allow that reason to inspire you
  3. Remind yourself that after giving so much to reach so far it is useless and a waste of your time, talent, energy, and resources for you to turn back

Fighting Over a Boy or a Girl

Sometimes we end up attracted to the same people. This isn't always easy comfortable as even friendships may drift apart if 2 people are competing for the affection of 1 person. There is no easy solution as to what should be done in such a love interest triangle but don't play dirty. Don't even think of it because whatever is meant to be yours just patiently let the object of interest decide who they want.

When Does An Acquaintance Become A Friend?

There are some people who we refer to as our acquaintances and there are others who we will say are not really our friends or enemies (I guess they fall in between). The big question today is when does your acquaintance become your friend?...and I mean true friend. There are no easy answers as friendships are complex but trust is an important ingredient. If you can be yourself with your friend and share with them important things about yourself that no others know then you are on the way to friendship. Friendship isn't just about the good times, it's also about holding each other up and helping each other be the best person they can be without expecting anything in return but yet receiving it.

Ways to be Patient with Yourself

In this generation that has a lost of fast paced things from fast food to high speed internet it is easy for us to feel like we also have to operate our inner selves that way. The truth is that humans are not robots and will never be. So we have to remind ourselves to chill sometimes. Here are some ways to remind yourself to be patient with yourself:
  1. Remember that you have to be your best ally...encourage yourself and find new strategies to handle different matters
  2. Remember that what you do to yourself can sometimes turn out the same way to treat others. I don' t think anyone enjoys anyone who is being impatient with them so be kind to "you" and others

How To Conquer Your Fears

Fear is one of our greatest enemies. If you want to move forward you need to let go of fear. Here are some ways to overcome your fears:
  • Don't be afraid of failing...we learn from our mistakes and we can rise whenever we choose to
  • Don't be afraid of not knowing everything...start where you are and stop waiting for perfection
  • Don't be afraid about what others will can only live your life once so don't live it for others

Ways to Be a Blessing To Others

Don't we all love receiving blessings? Who doesn't love surprises? I bet we can all agree that we enjoy such things. The question remains as to how we can return the favor. Here are two of the many ways by which you can be a blessing to someone else in return:

  • Express sincere gratitude to whoever blessed your heart...don't hide it just let it out in whatever form it appears
  • Find ways to daily remind the giver that you highly value how he or she has positively impacted your life

How To Explore Others Beliefs

To some extent we are usually keen with the scope of our beliefs. We sometimes don't want to necessarily learn more about others beliefs. This is where we err. We need to be open minded and willing to learn and appreciate others belief systems. Here are some ways to accomplish that:
  • Don't assume that your personal beliefs about religion, philosophy, or anything are the final say
  • Don't make quick conclusions about why people see things the way they do
  • Be patient and ask others more about their beliefs
  • Find ways to establish connections between your beliefs and that of others
  • Last but not least, respect others beliefs even if you will never embrace them