Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Struggle is Real

Sometimes a struggle can make you feel like you will sink in it. And, you feel tempted to dig a hole for yourself. However, you still have the option to transform your despair into courage and use it to instead to build a wall that will protect your dreams from predators.

The Journey to Mastery

How does it feel when you begin to master something new like driving, swimming, or learning a new language? I think that in the joy you can sometimes forget all the prior pains of learning. In fact, those moments of despair might have shaped you into a more empathetic and humble successful person. Enjoy the results but don't forget your journey to the top of whatever you are on the verge of mastering.

Reflections on Doing Good

Some people only do something good if they get something out of it. Is that always rewarding? Maybe and maybe not. What about helping people who can never pay you back for a change? Or what if you thought of how much those who've helped have also enabled you to become a better person.

Monday, May 26, 2014

African Names for Girls

Some people like choosing names from outside the US for their children. Here are my current favorite ones from Tanzania, East Africa for girls and their meanings:
Neema-  Grace
Rehema- Compassion
Amani-    Peace
Johari-     Precious stone

Reasons to Be Grateful

Life is good when you are grateful. Be grateful for how you have bettered yourself. Be grateful for those who have helped you along the way. Be grateful for those who made you tough by mistreating you. You are now stronger and wiser and  of course your heart full of gratitude will keep you mentally and physically healthy.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Rewards of Piling Coals

One of my best friends who also happens to be my relative once told me that I need to be so nice to my enemies that it becomes natural. She said that based on the biblical principle of piling coals. I was skeptical and did it....and guess what? Behold, 2 years later me and the person who were at odds are buddy buddy and there is no memory of the broken past. Try it today...it will give you peace and joy. And, what is that? Being nice when you desire not to and have a reason to not be nice.

Learning to Judge Human Character

Some things are so hard to understand by using your physical senses. Some times you have to pay attention to your spirit even when it doesn't make sense. So just make sure you exercise good judgement skills so that you can align your life in the right direction. And, yes being skilled at judging your own character and that of others will greatly help you.

Bringing up Religion in Daily Conversations

In the 2 past months, I've been asked by 2 different people randomly whether I go to church. I always mentally pause when asked such questions because I know they are touchy. I have always said yes. And, then I've wondered why I was asked such a question. I think the first person asked me that question because he wanted me to read a Bible verse at an event. Now I am not sure about the second person. Regardless of that, I think we should all feel comfortable to ask and answer questions about our religious beliefs. And, of course with respect period.

Thoughts on Helping others and Hurting People

Helping can sometimes cause hurt and hurting people can hurt others. These are some things that I have heard said in a number of ways. Here are my 2 cents on each of those:
  • Learn to reach out for help when in pain instead of using others as punching bags
  • You can't help someone if you are focused on the present only, learn to help people with a clear understanding of their past, present, and future in order to not hurt them unintentionally in the name of goodwill.

The Power of a Smile

Sometimes all you need to do is smile. People notice when you are and when you aren't. A smile can make your day bright and even brighter for someone else. And, it doesn't have to be a fake or plastic smile. Just smile because you are grateful to be alive and there is hope for a better tomorrow starting today.

Happy African Day!!!!

Did you know today was African day? I really didn't until a few hours ago. I read a post about it somewhere so take the time to wish any African around you today a "Happy African Day!"

Thoughts on Relationships

Every season of your life requires different types of relationships and everywhere you go they will likely change. Your relationships play a part in determining how happy you will be in school, at work, or home.  Remember that being courteous is the key but being a doormat or rug is not  a part of social etiquette. And, don't give trust so easily unless it is earned and learn to earn the trust of others. Trust is an important aspect of any relationship and without there lies a lot of fakeness, brokenness, and hurt because you didn't see it coming. 

Taking A Second at a Time instead of a Day at a Time

Good things come to those who wait and Patience is a virtue . How many times have you heard this? I bet many. It's one of those adages which looks good on a wall but you can forget to do. Patience or waiting is one of the hardest things to do in certain circumstances. But in such moments, you have to remember that being impatient can sometimes make the situation worse and even hinder the solution. So step back and remind yourself and those around you to take a second at a time because a day at a time is sometimes too quick. You need courage to to do that and it's possible.

Thoughts on Genuineness

Words are easily said than done. Don't get lost in the words and hidden intentions of those closest to you. The absence of action in doing whatsoever is a clear message that they are not genuine. You should also make an effort to be genuine by making sure that your actions and words matching up.

The Dilemma of being a Life Saver

Be something or nothing to someone or noone. Does that make sense? Maybe it does and maybe it does not. One way to look at it is at the end of the day, you should do your part. Sometimes you should do your part in helping someone fully and sometimes you can only do so much and that's fine. You don't always have to be a life saver while you are just an option.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Learning to Listen to the Silence

I think its safe to say that a majority of us are taught to pay attention to the actions and words of those around us. That is indeed very helpful but what about the silence? The silence of  those around you can also speak volumes so don't always try to remove the silence...embrace it and learn something from it about yourself and others.

Developing your Gifts

Most of the times you need to do your best in order to get somewhere. You never know who is watching. However, if you keep developing your gifts they can take you places and seat you with kings and queens. Accept your strengths and make something out of them and don't let your weaknesses dominate your life.

Learning to Wait

Sometimes you have to wait on yourself. Some parts of you might be ready while others may not. Remember that every part needs to find some balance in order for you to accomplish your goal.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Reflecting on the Pre-graduation years

You need to have the courage to examine yourself in detail before you move on to the next step. No matter where you are, you can learn something. I am speaking people who have graduated or will be graduating in the next few days. Remember that you shouldn't allow the experiences from your first year of college or high school to be a waste, reflect on the good and bad in you and others, and then allow it to make you a stronger and wiser person.

Building Relationships Insightfully

The manner that you form relationships determines when and how they continue or break. Be very conscious of how you do it and then you will learn how to form more genuine relationships.

Help is on the Way

Sometimes the help you need will come in the most surprising form. Don't ever underestimate the people around you and the surroundings.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Helping Others Without Expectations

One thing my mother told me is, "Try helping someone who can never pay you pack". And, yeah that is what I encourage you to do today. Be someone's angel with zero expectations.

Red Flags in Relationships

Be careful of the relationships that you build. It's true that a friend in need is a friend indeed but at the same time be mindful of the fact that "Can you", "Will you", and "Could you" relationships have their limit. It happens when someone decides that they need to start saying No. And, it's No because they one day woke up and realized almost all their friendships/relationships are only sustainable because they allow people to use them.

Lessons from Hardship

Sometimes you face hardships today so you can be motivated to move away from your present. It's a good thing because if you don't despise your present situations then you will remain comfortable in a state you aren't supposed to be in.

Approaching the End of a Journey

When you are approaching the end of  a journey, it is sometimes easy to see certain things clearer. Don't waste your time thinking about what you could have done. You now have the promise of tomorrow where you can live out what you learned from your past that is just the past and doesn't have to be you today if it's detrimental.

A Reason to Live

Find a reason to live. Being a doormat shouldn't be one of those reasons. Learn to be generous with your gifts but have courage to be strong even on the day when you can no longer give.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Deep Lessons from a Child

You do certain things the same way everyday. Story of my life. When working with children everyday, one thing I know is that I love them and believe in them period. The funny thing is children can't or won't always let you know how important you are to them. But the few moments they do it can blow your mind. Like one day this week, a little boy I tutored surprised me with a flower after I had been away for some days. And, then yesterday I ran into the guardian of one of the children I had tutored for 4 years. She told me something that motivated me to continue tutoring. Apparently, the child she cares for told her yesterday that he is sad I am leaving because:

  • "I never raised my voice at him"

  • "I  always treated him with respect" (Shocked how deeply he grasped that concept)

  • "I helped him a lot with their homework "(Surprised he valued it because sometimes he seemed reluctant to do his schoolwork)

I don't remember everything else but I was amazed at how observant he is, and the fact that his guardian told me he never says anything good about anybody. All in all, his story touched me because in a million years I wouldn't have known that he thought of me that way. So adults, make sure you treat the children around you with love because they need you and yeah they are watching. And, yeah children can teach you some of the deepest lessons about life.

Feel free to share any similar experiences you have had in the comment section.

Reasons to Write Down Your Vision

Sometimes all you need to inspire you is to see someone do what you have to do. You can sometimes have the privilege of having that but not always. At times, all you gotta do is write your vision down sometimes in order to see you in it. At least, it is a starting point even if the direction of your goals changes. What you write down today will impact your daily actions.

Thanking Others

Try making a list of everyone that should be thanking you but isn't. Then think about why. Thereafter,  make a list of all the people you have ever thanked and then make another list of those you have never shown gratitude for in a big and small way. You will then realize that you better spend your time thanking others instead of focusing on those who hurt you by their insensitivity.

The Beauty of Stretching Yourself

Don't be afraid to stretch yourself. If you don't, then you will shrink. Your life can be made fuller and sweeter by a diversity of highs and lows. Don't go looking for lows but try to make the best of them. And, remember there is always someone wishing that they could even be you for a second.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Power of Destiny

Destiny is powerful. Destiny whispers. Although it's powerful, it can be overcome. Fight away the bad associated with your destiny and cling to the good. And, yes your destiny can be golden.