Saturday, May 3, 2014

Deep Lessons from a Child

You do certain things the same way everyday. Story of my life. When working with children everyday, one thing I know is that I love them and believe in them period. The funny thing is children can't or won't always let you know how important you are to them. But the few moments they do it can blow your mind. Like one day this week, a little boy I tutored surprised me with a flower after I had been away for some days. And, then yesterday I ran into the guardian of one of the children I had tutored for 4 years. She told me something that motivated me to continue tutoring. Apparently, the child she cares for told her yesterday that he is sad I am leaving because:

  • "I never raised my voice at him"

  • "I  always treated him with respect" (Shocked how deeply he grasped that concept)

  • "I helped him a lot with their homework "(Surprised he valued it because sometimes he seemed reluctant to do his schoolwork)

I don't remember everything else but I was amazed at how observant he is, and the fact that his guardian told me he never says anything good about anybody. All in all, his story touched me because in a million years I wouldn't have known that he thought of me that way. So adults, make sure you treat the children around you with love because they need you and yeah they are watching. And, yeah children can teach you some of the deepest lessons about life.

Feel free to share any similar experiences you have had in the comment section.

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