Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gratitude is like a boomerang!

Today I was watching Passions,  a soap opera that I used to watch like 13 years ago. I enjoyed the drama and noticed a lot of stuff I hadn't ever thought of before. And, out of nowhere I began to feel a sense of gratitude. I began to feel so grateful to have a family, health, a job and much more.
Honestly, when watching these soap operas there are actually moments that can help you reflect on life. For me today, it was just realizing how thankful I am to have a sound mind, food, clothes, shelter and much more! More than that, I desire to not only use the blessings I attain in my life for me; but for others so they can also have such moments of gratitude.
So no matter what you are going through today....take a minute and think about what you already have before allowing gloom, jeaolousy, envy or despair to imprison you. And you might be surprised that being thankful and having an attitude of gratitude towards others ends up giving you a great sense of peace and satisfaction.
Happy Saturday!

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