Friday, February 15, 2013

Goals and realities

I am pretty sure that growing up you all might have heard the saying, "You can be anything you dream of". However, such a phrase does not give much more information about the realities involved when striving to attain a goal. I think the quote should not only put emphasis on a dream but dreams. Because as we move on in life in pursuit of our dream; there are times we'll realize we can't achieve that dream....but if we have dreams then we can focus on those instead of despairing over what could have been.
 So if we don't achieve our goals or dreams we should not give in to bitterness towards ourselves or those who have accomplished what we wanted to do. We should instead transform our disappointment into a dynamic energy to help us pick up the pieces from the broken dream and make them into a wonderful tapestry in an achievable dream.
Great weekend everybody!

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