Monday, February 18, 2013

What in the world do I do with anger?

I don't know how often you all face this emotion. I have known some people who used to not get as angry quickly but now constantly  battle against it. One of the guiding  principles of life I guess is acknowledging that there is a problem. So if you are getting angry quickly and staying angry for a long time...and it could be either at yourself, others or is time to ponder on this emotion.
Sometimes we might possibly convince ourselves that we enjoy being angry due to different factors. However, in the long run anger damages us and robs us of all other pleasant emotions. So when we get angry we have to realize that we have to find a way to deal with the anger in a constructive manner. For some people it could be writing down their thoughts, for others it is maybe counting to ten while maybe for others it involves immediately confronting the matter.
In whatever you do, please remember that anger is an emotion that when fed on leads to a lot of bad things. Angry people kill, rob, and even hurt people in the heat of the moment even if they were angelic. That is why we need to not shy away from helping ourselves and others to deal with anger.
Happy day!

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